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We are working with customers around the world. These examples show how we listen to their challenges and work hard to help them save money, increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce downtime.

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XYP Automatic Shrink Label Inserting Machines

22 February 2020

XYP’s Automatic Shrink Label Inserting Machines incorporate smart machine technologies from Rockwell Automation to help improve productivity and profitability.

iTRAK System Achieves Extraordinary OEE

4 February 2020

DT Engineering designs unique system that pushes the boundaries of independent cart technology. Achieves precise synchronization for dispensing/filling applications.

Wonderful Pistachios Expands Food Production

17 January 2020

Wonderful Pistachios built a new production facility to meet demand. With a control system from Rockwell Automation, the facility produces 5.6 million pounds daily.

An Icon-Based HMI. What Could Be Simpler?

9 January 2020

Redesigned DuraKut dicer from Marlen is easier to use – and meets sanitary challenges and new consumer demands head-on. Features an icon-based HMI to speed training.

Dairy Modernizes – and Captures Competitive Edge

1 October 2019

In multiphase plant expansion, OEM Qualtech transforms manual dairy with a completely automated process.

Packaging Machine Builder Reduces Engineering Time

22 June 2019

Bosch Packaging, a global leader in providing packaging solutions in food and pharmaceutical segment, reduces the time required for machine manufacturing.

Pet Food Production Benefits From Automated Tech

10 May 2019

Pet food production takes on a new level of automated technology to supply Australian pet food ingredients to the world.

University Brews Up First-Class Brewing Program

24 February 2019

Colorado State University selected the PlantPAx distributed control system from Rockwell Automation as the foundation for a state-of-the-art brewing automation platform.

Sleeman Breweries Expands With Process Automation

22 February 2019

Sleeman Breweries needed to meet consumer demand. With an updated process automation system, Sleeman increased production capacity by 50 percent.

Packaging Traditional Cakes, Flexibly & Carefully

30 November 2018

Livetech implemented a secondary packaging line for Galbusera-Tre Marie, an Italian brand with a long history in bakery industry. Flexibility and delicacy were key.

Packaging Company Enhances Productivity

14 November 2018

Hanyang Packaging and Engineering used Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture to increase productivity and keep up with market demand.

Caffè Borbone Integrates Global Tracking Solution

29 October 2018

Bibit software solutions and Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture made it possible for this well-known coffee producer to obtain important food safety certification.

New PanelView HMI Gains NSF Certification

17 October 2018

Rockwell Automation creates new NSF-Certified HMI for food industry. Stands up to extreme IP69K operational and wash down practices.

Integrated Processing Plant Maximizes Production

1 October 2018

This dairy needed to increase production capacity to meet increasing consumer demand. With PlantPAx DCS, the dairy reduced energy usage and increased production.

Simple, Best-fit Solution for Swedish Microbrewery

18 September 2018

Easy to use software, best-fit hardware and clear messaging remove the need for technology know-how from operational equation.

Combination System Saves Space – and Boosts Uptime

28 August 2018

Using advanced safety and analytics, Aagard optimizes end of line operations with integrated cartoner-case packer-palletizer system.

Distillery Modernizes for Increased Production

14 August 2018

Jim Beam implements Model Predictive Control at Clermont, Kentucky distillery to maximize throughput while respecting equipment and process constraints.

Global Food Leader Meets The Connected Enterprise

8 June 2018

When IT and OT meet, efficiency among processes, people and geographies increases.

Arnott’s Upgrades Adelaide Production Plant

30 April 2018

Arnott’s embarked on a control and HMI system upgrade to deliver increased flexibility and agility for biscuit production.

Factory Upgrade Safeguards Gelatine Production

20 April 2018

To safeguard future production of a large-scaled gelatine manufacturing plant, an innovative risk management approach was undertaken to help identify and replace legacy equipment.

Pavillion8 Solution Optimises Dairy Production

19 April 2018

With a strong commitment to continuous improvement of current manufacturing assets, Miraka invested in a solution to optimise their milk powder process.

Vreugdenhil Automates its Milk Powder Plant

29 January 2018

A new facility in the Netherlands can produce 7.5 tons of milk powder per hour.

iTRAK Addresses Throughput Challenges

6 December 2017

ECONO-PAK was approached by Lotte Wedel to develop a packaging/cartoner machine that would more easily cater for varieties in packaging formats and product counts.

Agile Bulk Handling Equipment

30 November 2017

Find out how Rockwell Automation works with Flexicon Corporation to help them achieve a cost-effective, flexible and customizable solution for their machine development.

DuPont Increases Operational Availability

5 November 2017

Modernizing a plant in Brazil provided faster maintenance agility, better control of operating costs and gains in flexibility.

Chobani Uses the Latest in Control and Automation

27 September 2017

Chobani deploys the latest control and automation technology to build a new fully automated yogurt manufacturing plant.

System Conserves Space, Improves Load Stability

14 September 2017

The Columbia Machine FL6200SW combines high-speed stretch wrap technology with a contemporary, modular and clean-design palletizer.

Farmer Cooperative Grows with Process Automation

7 September 2017

At Midwest Farmers Cooperative’s new ag terminal, a distributed control system enables the co-op to move grain through quickly and reach new markets.

Bottling Made Easy at Yalumba

20 July 2017

Yalumba implements new state of the art bottling lines to help reduce labour costs, increase production capacity and minimise occupational health and safety issues.

Model Predictive Control Boosts Capacity

6 July 2017

Kraft Heinz increases food-production capacity on production line by 10 percent and reduces quality variability with model predictive control software.

Combining Repeatability and Accuracy

5 July 2017

Liquid Pack worked with Rockwell Automation and NHP to design and manufacture a revolutionary new filling machine with uncompromised precision and accuracy.

Hiperbaric Machines Get a Connectivity Boost

7 June 2017

Enabled by EtherNet/IP network, the ControlLogix system helps perform remote management and maintenance tasks.

Solving Obsolescence Issue with S88 Solution

30 May 2017

Optima Control Solutions solves obsolescence issues at leading UK biscuit manufacturer and delivers high quality S88-based batch control solution.

Potato Product Supplier Standardizes With PlantPAx

27 April 2017

Integrated production intelligence provides insight to real-time data, allowing operators to perform predictive maintenance procedures.

MGE Automation Delivers Integrated Packaging Suite

1 March 2017

MGE Automation installs integrated packaging suite at a leading cereal bar producer, using a solution that lays groundwork for access to the connected Enterprise.

Upgrade Expands Process Flexibility

1 March 2017

Southwest Baking expanded its process flexibility and production by 5 percent with a batch system upgrade.

Asset Management Services Keep Production Flowing

10 February 2017

Chobani’s commitment to the local Australian market to provide high-quality, fresh yogurt relies on maintaining a smoothly operating manufacturing plant.

Modernising HMI SCADA in the Food Industry

13 December 2016

Major food industry supplier reduces downtime by modernising their HMI SCADA using FactoryTalk HMI software.

Post Consumer Brands Takes a Bite Out of HMI Costs

12 December 2016

Virtualized HMI system from Rockwell Automation improves visibility into production processes and consolidates hardware.

Tereos Sugar: Intelligent and Sustainable Refining

31 October 2016

Leading sugar producer replaces legacy DCS with PlantPAx to obtain and integrate boiler control for vital operations.

Milk Specialties Global Taps Data to Meet Demand

4 October 2016

Milk Specialties Global uses manufacturing intelligence to quantify and justify operational improvements, and to empower workers in plants.

Modern HMI Provides Manufacturing Intelligence

1 September 2016

Tyson Foods faced obsolescence of the operating system supporting its HMI application.

Agile Multi-Axis Packaging Solution Created

10 August 2016

Leading machinery supplier to the ice cream industry designs state-of-the-art packaging solution for demanding production environments.

Recipe for Success: Addressing The Aging Workforce

9 August 2016

With key members of their workforce retiring, Southwest Baking invested in the future of its most junior employee to help meet aggressive production targets.

Leading U.S. Pork Producer Optimizes Supply Chain

2 May 2016

To create a more efficient and cost-effective system, The Maschhoffs used simulation software to test scenarios before making operational changes.

Agropur Gains 30 Hours of Annual Production Time

28 March 2016

Agropur’s largest facility needed manufacturing intelligence for continuous improvements. They discovered 30 hours of additional production time per year.

Fonterra Overhauls Standardizing System

1 March 2016

Better compositional control of milk powder products with a Pavilion8® solution. Global dairy company upgrades to create a more agile operation.

New Dairy Ingredients Plant for Fonterra

1 March 2016

Leading multinational dairy company successfully deploys worldwide in-house standards on single-solution, single-supplier Connected Enterprise compliant control infrastructure

EKB Deploys Modern Microbrewery Control Solution

15 February 2016

Local Recognised System Integrator (RcSi) EKB, Hogeschool of Utrecht and Rockwell Automation combine to deliver fully featured but easy-to-use open control solution within minimal budget.

Thurne Brings Home the Bacon Using Advanced Vision

1 December 2015

Bacon slicing accuracy is critical in order to help ensure consistency. Thurne-Middleby Ltd. opted for a solution that paired a precision vision solution with accurate control.

Integrated Architecture Helps Bel Group Save Costs

22 October 2015

New, state-of-the-art Mini Babybel facility deploys fully integrated, single-network automation, motion, safety and facilities management solution.

Compac Sorting Equipment Stays Ahead

25 September 2015

Compac Sorting Equipment remains competitive and improves productivity by reducing time and costs associated with engineering disparate machine components.

VIP Packaging Offers Robotic Solution

25 September 2015

VIP Packaging delivers a new fully automated palletising, strapping and stretching line that improves productivity and adheres to occupational health and safety requirements.

OEM Solution: Columbia Machine

14 September 2015

Designed for non-stop operations, this high-speed palletizer is built for optimal performance, safety and flexibility.

Automatismes Girona Deploys Device Level Ring

2 September 2015

Network architecture from Rockwell Automation provides higher security and faster response in automation processes for compound feed mills.

Bel Group Saves Cost, Time and Effort

31 August 2015

Bel Group deployed the latest technologies to help leverage The Connected Enterprise and comply with regulations.

Metalquimia Deploys Integrated Architecture

27 July 2015

Food industry machine builder commissions Automatismes Girona, S.L. (AUGI) to implement advanced control and information system to control and supervise its most innovative project.

Modern DCS Helps Plant Gain Insights, Reduce Waste

23 July 2015

Food and beverage plant has cut its annual waste by $500,000 using a DCS with production intelligence.

Monsanto Increases Capacity and Improves Quality

20 July 2015

Monsanto consolidated three seed-conditioning facilities into one new facility to meet rising production demands. The company wanted new, state-of-the-art process control technologies.

Simulation Software Optimizes Food Manufacturing

27 May 2015

Arena simulation software provides the special ingredient in food manufacturer's secret recipe to achieve production goals.

OEM Solution: Premier Tech Systems

1 May 2015

Completely automatic machine saves space while palletizing up to 50 cases per minute.

Acadian Seaplants Grows Capacity by 40 Percent

1 April 2015

Acadian Seaplants used EtherNet/IP MCCs to expand processing capacity with lower hardwiring costs.

OEM Solution: Trinamics

1 April 2015

Integrated cartoner/case packer is built to withstand rugged environment - and improve machine safety and availability on chicken processing line.

Barry Callebaut Improves Raw-Material Utilisation

3 March 2015

Barry Callebaut, a global leader in chocolate production, turned to FactoryTalk® Metrics software to track OEE and to notify operators of product losses as they occurred.

Benefits Delivered to Leading Water Company

2 March 2015

A recent programme of upgrades and plant expansions has seen a major Spanish water company experience many benefits from its adoption of contemporary technologies and services.

OEM Solution: Power Automation Systems (PAS)

15 February 2015

New or existing facilities can take advantage of these innovative automated warehouse solutions to dramatically improve density and throughput.

OEM Solution: Bevcorp

1 October 2014

For craft beverage producers and contract packagers, this cost-effective bottle filler makes high-volume rotary filling a viable option.

OEM Solution: Precision PMD

1 October 2014

Versatile. Energy efficient. Take a look at this servo-driven denester for food packaging.

OEM Solution: Accraply

1 September 2014

These space-saving machines speed changeover for roll-fed labeling and shrink-sleeve labeling applications.

OEM Solution: Autotec Engineering

1 September 2014

In-mold labeling equipment provides plastic processors with energy-efficient solution that meets exacting end-user requirements.

OEM Solution: Drake

1 September 2014

For sausage, cheese sticks and other cylindrical food, make this autoloader part of your packaging line.

OEM Solution: Marchant Schmidt

1 September 2014

Innovative cheese converting solution helps reduce "giveaway" and can significantly impact a food producer's bottom line.

OEM Solution: Combi Packaging Systems

4 August 2014

The Ergopack hand packing station offers a robot-assisted option to minimize human intervention in difficult or hazardous packing tasks.

Beverage Maker Expands Capacity

1 August 2014

Global beverage manufacturer expands its capacity and improves consistency. Legacy batch migration features the PlantPAx process automation system.

OEM Solution: AFA Systems

1 August 2014

Integrated cartoner and robotic case packer optimizes changeover time - and energy efficiency on powdered milk packaging line.

OEM Solution: Forpak

1 August 2014

Ideal for larger food products, such as pizza, this stacker helps ensure the right count at a rate of 80 pieces per minute.

OEM Solution: TechniBlend

1 August 2014

Automated blending system delivers new level of efficiency and flexibility to carbonated beverage plants.

Highly Capable and Cost Effective Tray Erector

1 July 2014

Linkx Systems Ltd. creates highly capable and cost effective entry-level tray erector to save space and cost without compromising on performance.

Production Intelligence Helps Pastry Company

3 March 2014

Country Maid gains production intelligence to meet demand for hand-braided pastries, partnering with Interstates Control Systems to improve efficiency with our process solutions.

Production Intelligence Helps Pastry Company

3 March 2014

Country Maid gains production intelligence to meet demand for hand-braided pastries, partnering with Interstates Control Systems to improve efficiency with our process solutions.

Yoghurt Company Boosts Production

3 February 2014

From an all-manual operation to a fully-automated facility, Noosa Finest Yoghurt collaborates with Malisko Engineering to gain efficiency.

Increased Productivity in Food Washing Machinery

1 January 2014

Italian machine builder, Turatti, delivers higher productivity and seamless data distribution thanks to the PlantPAx™ Process Automation System from Rockwell Automation

RAPID Line Integration

1 November 2013

Configurable line-control solution that can enable easier integration of discrete production lines and use production analytics to help you monitor key quality metrics

Guissona Automates Its Animal Feed Plant

3 June 2013

ISA S88 standard implemented by incorporating the PlantPAx™ process control solution; enhancing flexibility, standardising industrial processes and improving performance.

A Converting Machine for the Food Industry

1 June 2013

Laem System, a leading converting machine manufacturer, creates its first double fold slitter rewinder machine.

Hillshire Brands Uses Manufacturing Intelligence

1 June 2013

Hillshire Brands improves yield by more than 100,000 pounds with manufacturing intelligence. Rockwell Automation and Grantek help operators improve visibility into production data.

King's Hawaiian Standardizes on a Common Network

1 June 2013

Common Network and Integrated Architecture Ease Integration and Data Sharing Between All Machines

High-Speed Kegging Plant Created with PlantPAx

1 February 2013

Comac Group enjoys increased commissioning, maintenance and deployment costs through seamless integration and speed of data transmission with PlantPAx solution

Manufacturing Intelligence Centralizes Data

1 January 2013

Manufacturing intelligence provides the right mix for dairy processor, offering a centralized source for viewing process data

Manufacturing Intelligence Unlocks Efficiencies

3 September 2012

Cybertrol Engineering satisfies food manufacturers' appetite for real-time data and reveals hidden efficiencies

Wild Turkey Preserves Quality with Batch

1 August 2012

Wild Turkey Bourbon preserves quality with high-tech batch and sequence management for increased control and access to information.

Dairy Dryer/Evaporator Balance Application

1 July 2012

Dryers and evaporators are the most energy intensive units used in the dairy industry. Optimal operation is essential to reduce costs and help meet final product quality specifications.

Machine and Line Performance Integration

1 April 2012

Information enabled automation and control systems monitor machine and line performance to provide real time information to ensure consistent quality and improve production performance.

Dairy Dryer Model Predictive Control Application

1 March 2012

By providing close control of the dryer for optimization and performance, this dairy control application increases throughput, reduces energy use, and reduces off-spec product.

Nestlé Automates Production of Baby Foods

5 December 2011

Nestlé expands baby food factory in Biessenhofen, Germany, with end-to-end automation for manufacturing, filling and packaging processes.

Faribault Foods Upgrades Automation Infrastructure

26 October 2011

Faribault Foods needed to modernize their production infrastructure to meet long-term business goals and deliver high-quality, sustainable products.

Food Manufacturer Achieves the Perfect Blend

10 May 2011

Global snack food manufacturers run on cooking oil. The challenge: maintain product integrity and taste while getting the right amounts of these commodities at the right price.

Murray Goulburn Optimizes the Drying Process

1 May 2011

Australia's largest milk processor improves operational efficiencies and increases yield.

Kliklok-Woodman Create Packaging Solultion

1 April 2011

Rockwell Automation Motion Analyzer and Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks software partnership create a new improved packaging solution.