Get Connected: A Digital Journey

22 January, 2018

With end users’ needs and pressures to keep competitive, OEMs need to act now and move to The Connected Enterprise to improve and transform operations.

We are Being Smarter and Better Connected

15 January, 2018

To ensure development and success, companies must keep up with emerging trends, tap into the mind of the consumer, and utilize the talent and technology available.

A Connected Digital Oilfield

4 January, 2018

Oil and gas OEMs can now take advantage of innovations in Ethernet connectivity and software to help improve production performance and share information across the supply chain.

Connected Technologies and Solutions

4 January, 2018

Highlighting advanced and scalable technologies and solutions showcased at the 2017 Automation Fair® event Connected Enterprise Pavilion.

Five Steps to Building Secure Industrial Networks

4 January, 2018

Network and security services are two aspects of the Connected Services helping OEMs simplify the development and the deployment of a robust and secure network.

Events and News Headlines

3 January, 2018

The latest company news and events highlights from September to December 2017.

Cheese Plant Reduces Downtime, Boosts Quality

30 December, 2017

Rockwell Automation TechConnect helped a cheese plant to develop its workforce knowledge and gain process improvements.

Fueling with Connected Intelligence

30 December, 2017

A strategic asset performance management solution led an oil and gas giant on its way to The Connected Enterprise, opening the door to new business opportunities.

MES The Essential Link

23 October, 2017

MES functions as a key component of The Connected Enterprise, delivering transformational value in operational intelligence.

Ease Your Path to Smart Manufacturing

20 October, 2017

We recognize the importance of system integration so we work to help OEMs to achieve seamless “integration” through every stage of the manufacturing cycle.

Fonterra Upgrades Infrastructure and Performance

18 October, 2017

Multinational dairy giant deploys worldwide in-house standards on single-supplier-solution Connected Enterprise compliant control infrastructure.

Food Giant Upgrades Manufacturing Software

18 October, 2017

Tyson Foods faced obsolescence of the operating system supporting its HMI application. The company modernized their operations.

Products and Solution for Operational Excellence

18 October, 2017

Featuring latest and updated products and solutions, including the FactoryTalk TeamONE app, new VersaView portfolio and more.

The Latest News and Event Highlights

18 October, 2017

The latest company news and events highlights in August and September 2017.

Scale Operations with Modern MES Applications

17 October, 2017

An MES can enable companies to manufacture more intelligently; a modular MES solution can help them implement digitalization initiatives in small steps.

Less is More: Premier Integration

1 August, 2017

Premier Integration mitigates redundant programming while establishing functional connectivity within the controller-device network.

Optimal Solutions for Motor Control Drives Success

30 July, 2017

The new additions to the PowerFlex family help users reduce energy costs and increase machine uptime for assets running in high-demand applications.

Migrate for Seamless Integration

29 July, 2017

Asia’s top hygiene product manufacturer enjoyed beneficial outcomes from a successful conversion of a legacy control system to modern DCS.

The First Asset: Safety and Security

9 June, 2017

Better understand and identify security and safety risks before trying to mitigate them.

It is time to Rethink Safety and Security

8 June, 2017

The first step to building a successful manufacturing safety and security strategy is to get a thorough understanding of the company’s culture.

News and Events from Rockwell Automation

7 June, 2017

Read up on upcoming events, our latest awards and the latest news.

Safety Evolves, Leaders Rise

6 June, 2017

While keeping up with safety standard evolution, a safety leader, PCMC successfully designed an integrated safety system to improve efficiency and productivity.

Secure Content Delivery by ThinManager

5 June, 2017

ThinManager centralizes the management and visualization of content to every facet of a modern manufacturing operation, from the control room to the users in the plant.

The Key to Cybersecurity is a Layered Defense

5 June, 2017

Protect operations and intellectual property against cyber threats.

Upgrade Food Safety With Modern Batch System

4 June, 2017

Adopting an enterprise-wide approach which embraces information-enabled technologies and automation can help manufacturers address food safety across operations.

New Products for Safety and Security

3 June, 2017

What enables safety and security in production lines? Our recent products and solutions accelerate the adoption of new technologies.

Project Management Video

20 September, 2016

See an example of how we can can help manage projects of any scope including FEED, engineering, installation, start-up, and support.

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