Digital Transformation Driving Business Outcome

Bharuch, Gujarat, India • 19 March 2019

A Digital Manufacturing Conference


Have you embraced it yet?

Digital technology has changed the face of businesses. A digital transformation journey that creates long-term benefits requires a staged approach, with a clear roadmap and the involvement of a variety of stakeholders. Various manufacturing organizations have started to think about and started taking steps towards digital transformation journey. This is necessitated by the changing consumer expectation and it impacts the entire supply chain. So manufacturing sectors which do not directly sell to consumers are all impacted. Other drivers include enhanced efficiency, cost reduction and, in more mature stages, innovation and the development of new revenue sources in an age where data – and how it is leveraged – is the currency of automation, optimization and profound transformation. Just like many other industries, the manufacturing industry is diverse and moving at different speeds. While in general digital transformation strategy has been missing and initiatives have been ad hoc, things are changing in some areas but as we’ll see a holistic picture is still missing and the goals remain relatively traditional and isolated.


19 March 2019


10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.India Standard Time


Bharuch, Gujarat, India

At whatever stage your organization is in its journey towards digital transformation, we welcome you to be part a focused discussion on the business impact, technology enablers and learn from the early adopters of the digital transformation strategy in our upcoming Digital Manufacturing Conference, This will be worth your time and learn from

  • Industry experts
  • Technology Experts
  • Live Demos


We appreciate your attendance at our Digital Manufacturing Conference and have the session materials available for you to download.

Esteemed Key Note Speaker

Mr. R. N. Mohanty

President - Technology


Mr. S.M Thakor

AGM- Information Systems & Telecommunications


Mr. Ramesh Dham

AGM- Industry 4.0

UPL Limited

Mr. Kantilal Malvania

GM-Project Instrumentation

Grasim Cellulose Limited

Mr. Manish Uppal


UPL Limited

Mr.Jagdish Pranami


SRF Limited

Mr.Radheshyam Raiyani

HOD- Electrical

Jay Chemicals Limited

Discussion Topics

  • Why Businesses Need to digitally transform -Your Future is Here
  • Dynamics of Digital Transformation and its impact on Indian Manufacturing- A Consultant view
  • Expanding What’s Humanly Possible: The Roadmap for Digital Transformation
  • Enabling Digital Transformation through Smart Machines & Equipment”
  • Enhancing Asset management & Maintenance through Strategic use of data
  • Panel Discussion- Digital Transformation Driving Business Outcomes
  • What to Expect From a Modern DCS in Digital era
  • Digitalization and its impact on Process Centric Industry
  • Rethinking Motor Control in A Digital Age
  • Digitalization Experience Sharing

Technology Live Demos

  • Digital Manufacturing in Action
  • Experience Modern DCS
  • Smart Motor Control in Action
  • Innovation Through Analytics
  • Innovative Solutions by Rockwell &Its Partners

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