Maximize Your Modular Design Capabilities

Maximize Your Modular Design Capabilities


30 Minutes



End-user companies are challenging you to deliver custom, smart, and innovative machines that meet their specific needs and that can help them compete globally. However, building customized, modular machines requires more time and resources that are already limited.

You want to find the right balance between designing standard machines with efficiency and customizing to meet specific needs. Modular design helps you meet customer requirements and stay within budget and moreover, gives fundamentals to make smarter machines.

You can join this live webinar to learn more to maximize the benefits of modular design solutions for your machines and continue to go on Smart Machine Journey

During this live webinar, you can learn

  • How to maximize your machine design productivity and reduce design labor and cost with Modular design tools and application code content
  • How to speed up designing future proof machines and simplify managing the vast amount of coding by using modular design programming

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