Build up your own Smart Machine Performance Dashboard

Build your own Smart Machine Performance Dashboard



Do you know how your machine is performing right now and everyday?
At the machine level, when the machine is connected to a common industrial network and high-performing HMI platform and machine HMI, the data of machine in operation becomes meaningful information for you to see OEE and performance. Get Informed now.

During this live webinar, you can learn
• How to build and operate the latest Performance Analytics Dashboards through a live demonstration on a HMI platform
• How to manage your machine performance based on OEE and data more efficiently
• How to start the Smart Machine Journey Level 1

This webinar is highly recommended to Chief Engineers, Design engineers, General Engineer managers in a Machine Builder Company who are required to design, develop and deliver machines with more value as well as maintenance managers, technical and operational managers or any users who want to operate their plant floor with more productivity.
Join this webinar to make more value and differentiators of your machines.

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