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Smart Manufacturing is driving new priorities for your customers and redefining what they expect from Machine builders. It requires Smart Machines, which you can design and build your customers’ specifications using Smart Devices and solutions from Rockwell Automation.

Machine builders use our integrated solutions – comprised of multiple Smart Devices – to design safe, smart, and efficient machines and equipment. As a result, they become Self-Aware & System-Aware Assets that help to significantly Reduce Machine Downtime. 

Smart Machines & Equipment can be integrated easily into facilities, provide access to valuable information of machine and line operations, and help improve overall productivity while enabling manufacturers to connect to their enterprises and their supply chain.

We call this The Connected Enterprise.

Smart Machines can also help to expand your service capabilities by using the data and information collected. And they enable you to generate more revenue and more value for your business.  

Start your journey now. Get connected. Get informed. Get optimized. Get ahead with Smart Machines.

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