Re-imagining motor control in a digital transformation era

Re-imagining motor control in a digital era


60 Minutes



In today’s manufacturing environment, data is a given. Information is an expectation, and qualities we’ve all come to expect in our personal devices have made their way on to the plant floor. But it’s not just about the data… it’s about the new level of “manufacturing intelligence” today’s automation technologies can deliver. And thanks to Intelligent Motor Control technology, manufacturing intelligence can now extend to all critical motor-driven assets in a plant. This webinar will explain how the capabilities of our Intelligent Motor Control Solutions can drive new levels of efficiency and productivity across your plant's operations.

Learn on Motor Control from Stand alone to Integrated including Premier Integration of Drives, Motor Control Components, and Technologies enabling it.

Join this live webinar to:

  • Optimize your machines to drive efficiency with simpler design with less cost in overall integrated control system
  • Learn how Drives can provide real time operational predictive intelligence leading to reduced unplanned shutdowns.

Join this webinar and maximize your motion control in a digital era. Continue your smart machines journey and stay competitive.

Speaker: Mr. Sanat Vajpai

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