Edge Computing in The Connected Enterprise

Edge Computing in The Connected Enterprise


30 Minutes



In our previous journey-to-digitization webinars, we discussed both the ThinManager solutions to allow unprecedented control and security in a sustainable and scalable platform, and also the scalable and edge computing offerings making the possibilities of analyzing data from new and old industrial devices to make informed decisions on the data.

Smart manufacturing and industrial operations embrace a new way forward. This new direction is highly connected so devices and processes can be continually monitored and optimized. Smart operations require the use of new and disruptive technologies, from analytics and mobile to collaborative machines and scalable computing at the edge. These technologies communicate with each other and adapt to internal and external conditions. Smart operations also require new strategies that make the most of these technologies to create flexible, efficient, responsive, and secure operations.

In this third webinar series, we will interview the experts from Rockwell Automation and Stratus on how they can support your efforts to digitize your manufacturing operations through Edge Computing in the Connected Enterprise!

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