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Smart, Safe, Sustainable Manufacturing

The emergence of smart, safe and sustainable manufacturing is driving profound changes in how manufacturing occurs in India. Industrial automation is essential to this transformation. New trends are creating new possibilities for plant wide optimization. First, power, control, communications and information technologies are converging. Our control disciplines – such as process, discrete, batch, motion and safety – no longer run as separate islands of automation. With Plant wide optimization we enable our customers to achieve key outcomes such as better product quality, lower total cost, and faster time to market ,Safety and energy efficiency.

Rockwell Automation: Your Link to Success in India

Global manufacturers doing business in INDIA require support to meet their production needs. Their original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must be able to supply a wide range of automation solutions that meet international quality and safety standards, help lower life-cycle costs and are backed by world wide support.

Rockwell Automation India is a pioneer and a preferred automation vendor to many leading National, Multinationals and Transnational companies operating in India. We at Rockwell Automation are focused on providing the best value for plant-floor automation. Our wide range of products and services offers End users, System Integrators, Panel Builders and OEMs a way to increase their competitive advantage while meeting their specific business objectives.

As a Company our core business is Industrial Automation only and we are focused on providing the best value for your plant-floor up to the enterprise level with different products. The essence of who we are and how we do things. “We listen to our Customer’s business issues.Think about feasible solutions;Solve them through on-time, on-budget, and on-specification delivery. It extends to PartnershipsBeing responsible for Turnkey delivery - selecting suitable partners that bring added expertise and value –within our PartnerNetwork™. We provide the support services that will help to maintain and improve plant performance throughout its lifecycle.” Our Products and Solutions are designed to take you from Control to final Connection to the load. Automation Solutions ,that meets global Quality Standards, including ISO 9000 and Europe's CE Mark.

Global manufacturers doing business in INDIA require seamless integration and support to meet their production needs. Their original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must be able to supply a wide range of automation solutions that meet international quality and safety standards, help lower life-cycle costs and are backed by world wide support. As a Company our core business is industrial Automation and we are focused on providing the best value for your plant floor.

Draw on our Experience

With Sales and Support offices in major cities, our infrastructure includes sales, technical and training capabilities; as well as an important sales and service stock to serve our broad customer base throughout the country. These capabilities are complemented by a network of local value-added resellers and qualified system integrators.

Our Offices in India:

India Fact Sheet:

  • 16 Local Sales & Support offices
  • 800+ employees
  • 8 Authorized distributors
  • 48 Rockwell certified System Integrators (RCSIs)
  • 4 Global Strategic Alliances
  • 20 Encompass Partners in Asia Pacific
  • OEM application Center in Noida
  • Distribution Center in Manesar
  • Remanufacturing Center in Noida
  • Panel Staging Facility at Sahibabad
  • Research & Developement Centre in Bangalore
  • Customer Briefing Center in Noida
  • Proof of Concept (POC) center in Noida
  • Global Engineering Center in Noida
  • 5 Training facilities (4 – Noida, 1- Bangalore)


Our Customer Briefing Center in Noida is the Application Development Center for End Users, System Integrators and Consultants. This Center helps to develop proof of concept bench marking of configurations and solutions involving all automation products. CBC is capable to demo Plant-wide hierarchal architecture over RA’s Integrated Architecture Concept and demo its relevant story across five disciplines. CBC has new and updated products installed along with CISCO hardware to show the network topology focused on Ethernet/IP. CBC also contains application centric demo solutions on different industry applications.



Proof of Concept Center: Latest hardware with capabilities to support testing on Logix, Redundant I/O, Drives and Micro Controllers for Customers customized demos, Benchmarking, Proof of concept, Brain storming.

Rockwell Automation India OEM Competency Center Noida: OEMs can develop applications like vertical load, winder and un- winder, cut to length, multi-axes simulation etc.

Training Centre, Noida: Grid based process stations with each station having Logix, Netlinx, View, Motion Drives, process networks, transmitters, and Redundancy. Fully capable to run core Process and Integrated Architecture Programs.

The India Systems and Solutions Business (SSB) team is a Resource Center for South Asia Pacific/ Middle East which has accomplished more than 3400 hours of on - job engineering projects. The team has an experience of more than 450 Project Years; with Certified Project Management personnal who have the capability to support System Start-up & Commissioning.

Global Engineering Center: The Systems and Solutions Business (SSB) team has established Global Engineering Center to support project engineering with 120+ engineers who are capable  to undertake international assignments with understanding of  Global Culture and mesh with Cross Functional and Cross Cultural  Teams.

The GREC is focused on those project implementation tasks which are easily replicated and standardized and relies on Work Packaging (WP). Work Packages are developed for various engineering tasks in line with RA QMS. GREC can support on Design, Engineering and Software Development across Globe for Industry verticals.

Rockwell Automation ISO 9000 Certified Panel Staging Facility for captive Panel Manufacturing, Panel Integration, Test & Simulation also includes Storage Area of 12500 Sq. ft. The Existing Capacity of 225 Panel Manufacturing also include a Customer Inspection and Meeting area.

Research and Developement Center, Bangalore: Started in March 2010 as a part of our global ASIC GIUO capable of developing two Multi Million ASIC projects concurrently. Today with a 29 member Team the OES has grown into Engineering Services Division in the following areas:

  • ASIC
  • ECAD
  • PCB Schematic and Layout
  • Signal Integrity

Meet your repair needs quickly and conveniently with repair services from Rockwell Automation. Quality has been integrated into every step of our repair process, whether the item is repaired at our Rockwell Automation Repair Center or through our extensive network of strategic suppliers. We are your single source for service, providing repair on thousands of types and brands of electrical, electronic, mechanical, servo and robotics products.


  • Single source capability
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
  • One-year warranty on complete unit, not just repaired components
  • Automated testing
  • After hours support
  • Local representation


We offer optimal solutions for a wide range of industries we serve:


Bank on a Sound Solution

Built on a firm foundation, Rockwell Automation India Private Ltd is part of Rockwell Automation, a global enterprise. Our suite of leading automation brands includes Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Software. Brands that provide solutions designed to take you from control to final connection to the load. Automation solutions that meet global quality standards, including ISO 9000 and Europe’s CE Mark directives.


In addition to our own innovative solutions and worldwide support, we partner with outside professionals, providing your Indian operations with one of the most flexible systems solution delivery networks available — a comprehensive network that includes global OEM support.

We Can Also Offer...

  • Support for identifying the right partner/system integrators
  • Rockwell Automation's Customers can benefit by visiting Rockwell Automation - USA facilities. Travel Plans for customer visits to USA facilities can be coordinated by us.
  • Tailored training, technical support and start-up assistance
  • Expertise in such diverse industries as Food Processing, Forest products, Plastic, Automotive, Metals, Tires, Power Generation, Mining, Material Handling, Pharmaceuticals, Water/Waste Water, Power Generation, Printing, Oil & Gas, Printing, Chemicals.