Allen-Bradley History

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World Class Products


Dodge Manufacturing Company Incorporates, two years after Wallace H. Dodge began the manufacture of wood hardware


Teenager Lynde Bradley develops his first electric controller. It uses 11 carbon disks sawed from old arc-light electrodes (which are placed in a column between the jaws of a wooden clamp) to operate a toy wood-working lathe, giving it “almost infinite control of the motor speed.”


Lynde Bradley develops a compression electric current controller using 76 carbon disks, designed to run a crane motor. Prototype completed August 18 – a day before his 23rd birthday. The first functional controller completed October 8.


First manually operated Allen-Bradley direct current motor starter, whose handle gradually rotated clockwise 180-degrees putting pressure on carbon disks within tubes.


First crane controller is exhibited at St. Louis World’s Fair. 19-year Harry Bradley & 26-year old brother Lynde ship one of the first commercially manufactured crane controllers – a 3.5 horse power Type A-10 controller – for exhibition. 


John C. Lincoln and Peter Hitchcock found Lincoln Electric Manufacturing, a forerunner of Reliance Electric, in Cleveland, Ohio. First offering is a Type AS DC motor.


Introduces a 1125 watt-rated battery charging rheostat for controlling medical and dental equipment, lamp dimmers and laboratory meter testing.


Hand operated direct current motor starter – complete with lever – is introduced. Like other products it applied compression rheostat principles.