You Can’t Detect What You Can’t See: Illuminating Threats Across your Enterprise

You Can’t Detect What You Can’t See


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You can’t detect or protect what you can’t see. With technology advances and threats coming from every direction, security for industrial operations has become more complex. Sensitive data is no longer locked within industrial operations as the boundaries have expanded from the industrial automation and control system (IACS) endpoints to the industrial network to the cloud. As new challenges arise, new products and capabilities are created and the challenge becomes that many tools are managed in silos, leading to blind spots. Visibility is a key challenge for cybersecurity teams and without having a holistic view, it becomes nearly impossible to detect and protect against threats across your industrial operations. Join us as we shine a light on the challenges of attaining complete visibility across your industrial operations and discuss:

•    How to gain visibility across industrial networks and IACS endpoints
•    The power of threat intelligence when combined with visibility
•    What to consider when implementing a preventative cybersecurity program

Gregory Wilcox
Presented by Gregory Wilcox, Principal Application Engineer for Strategic Development, Rockwell Automation

Gregory Wilcox leads a multi-company effort to establish tested and validated architectures to enable reliable and secure Industrial IoT and Industrial IT (OT-IT) architectures. He holds multiple Cisco network and security certifications and is a thought leader with over 35 years of experience.

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