Secure Remote Access Meeting Today's Challenges

Secure Remote Access Meeting Today's Challenges


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Is your ICS network adequately protected against remote access-related security threats? How should you best enable field employees and third-party vendors to connect remotely to your plant floor?

Access management was identified as one of the top threats to manufacturer safety in 2019. This threat remains as more breaches are happening via remote access than ever before. Ease of accessibility to your network for your employees and vendors is necessary, but it also opens you up to more risk. There's no better time to learn about what steps to take to ensure remote access to your network is secure.

Orel Siso
Presented by Orel Siso, Network Security Consultant, Avnet a Rockwell Automation Company

Orel is a network security consultant at Avnet, with 6 years of cybersecurity experience. She is part of the IR team and is responsible for conducting risk assessment surveys for organizations in different sectors, leading segmentation projects, and network security architecture.

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