Realize the Value of Plant Overview Dashboards

Realize the Value of Plant Overview Dashboards


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To maintain and improve performance, we need to better understand what’s coming out of our machines, lines and facilities. Overview dashboards collect plant information and organize it into simple graphs, so different users can quickly capture and comprehend insights relative to their specific roles.

By having information within reach, users can simplify the process of establishing benchmarks, using their insight into operations as context to help determine what equipment and production levels are expected. This makes it easier to identify issues and dig into what’s impacting OEE. Having an idea of what’s causing the change helps give direction to those on the plant floor and resolve issues before they negatively impact production.

Dashboard overviews are especially useful if you have multiple plants because they can provide a collective view into performance, regardless of geographic location. Users aren’t restricted to the plant overview level, and can go deeper, exploring information related to what’s happening at each plant or which line is causing output to decline. With this information, you can pinpoint exactly where optimizations and improvements should be made.

Key Takeaways:
See how Plant Overview dashboards can help you to:

•    Make insights meaningful
•    Establish benchmarks and expectations
•    Understand and improve performance

Rob Prashad
Presented by Rob Prashad, Tech Consultants Manager, Rockwell Automation

Rob Prashad manages Rockwell Automation's tech consultants in North America. He has more than 25 years experience in the automation and process industries and holds degrees in electrical and electronics and control system engineering.

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