Webinar: Motor Control Center technology, features and standards

Motor Control Center technology


60 Minutes



This webinar will explain the benefits of using Motor Control Centre solutions, demonstrating how you can improve productivity and safety while moving away from preventive maintenance. It will also cover the most recent developments in MCC technology, in addition to the latest directives (IEC-61439-1).

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Different types of panel assembly and design
  • Why high specification MCCs provide value through uptime and reliability
  • Considerations in configuring for drives and soft starters
  • Maintenance benefits of withdrawable assemblies


Mark Ossanna
Global Product Specialist, Rockwell Automation

Product Specialist for 2500 IEC LVMCC. In Industrial Automation for 38 years, 11 Years with Rockwell Automation in LV MCCC/Milwaukee.



Piotr Jaruszowic
Senior Commercial Engineer, Rockwell Automation

Member of EMEA, ETO LV MCC Commercial Engineering Team at Rockwell Automation, located in Katowice, Poland. Master degree at Technical Silesian University in Gliwice, Poland. Specialty: Electrical Power Engineering. Has +10 years of experience in the area of Low Voltage Assemblies.



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