Modern Technology Helps You Stay Productive

Modern Technology Helps You Stay Productive


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More employees than ever before are working remotely, and new pressures face those remaining on the plant floor or in the field.  Hear from our panel of four infrastructure support and training experts about modern support services that will help you keep your production or manufacturing environment running efficiently and safely. Rockwell Automation has services available that will make remote monitoring and application support your first line of defense; augmented reality a valuable troubleshooting tool when on-site visits are not possible; and e-learning a way to improve workforce skills. Find out how modern support services can help your organization through these challenging times and beyond.

Top 3 Industry Drivers:
•    Skills gap
•    Threat of downtime
•    Remote employees

Key Takeaways:
•    E-learning provides a cost-effective way for employees to gain valuable knowledge and develop useful skills at a time when in-person interactions may not be practical.
•     Application support with remote monitoring can help you reduce the number of downtime incidents and provide you with peace of mind – even when you don’t have a full staff of trained employees on site.
•    When your operations and employees need support, we’ve got you covered. In many situations, technical support via a phone call with a knowledgeable advisor provides the answers. But when you need a little more, Live View Support™ tool, which leverages PTC augmented reality (AR) technology, can help you solve your most complex plant-floor problems. 

Ante Tomicic
Presented by Ante Tomicic, Global Product Manager, Rockwell Automation

Ante Tomicic joined Rockwell Automation in 2012 and is responsible for our OT managed services portfolio, providing domain expertise and technology to help customers address key business outcomes. He has also worked in technical support as a remote support engineer to global delivery leadership.

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Phil Bush
Presented by Phil Bush, Global Product Manager, Rockwell Automation

Phil Bush has been with Rockwell Automation for 17 years; he is responsible for the services that involve remotely managing network, firewall, virtualization, and data center appliances. He has also worked as a product manager for remote monitoring and analytics services.

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Brian Fortney
Presented by Brian Fortney, Senior Global Product Manger, Rockwell Automation

Brian Fortney joined Rockwell Automation in 2012 and is responsible for the global strategy and portfolio of offerings that provide support to our customers and shrink the skills gaps that exist within industrial workforces. He has also served in roles within the Training Services business.

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Tim Brennan
Presented by Tim Brennan, Product Specialist, Rockwell Automation

Tim Brennan is responsible for the development and launch of modern customer support tools using Augmented Reality technology from PTC to help customers reduce downtime and quickly resolve plant-floor problems. He has also worked in commercial engineering and services business operations groups.

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