Webinar: How to choose between LV and MV solutions

How to choose between LV and MV solutions


60 Minutes



The emergence of MV drives does not necessarily make them the solution to every high-power application.

In applications where there is more than one possible solution, (i.e. LV or MV), the most cost-effective strategy is to conduct an analysis of the benefits of both options.

This webinar will teach you how to make an effective comparison of different manufacturers' products using the PowerFlex series, starting from LV up to 690V, through to MV up to 11kV.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Medium voltage or low voltage – what are the choices and why?
  • Available technologies – the benefits and limitations H Bridge and Current Source
  • Typical applications and operational benefits"


Erich Eckenfellner
Senior Commercial Engineer – Medium Voltage Products EMEA

Member of EMEA ETO MV Commercial / Application Engineering Team at Rockwell Automation, located in Austria. In Industrial Automation for 32 years, 21 Years with Rockwell Automation and 20 years in MV EMEA business.



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