How an Effective Communication Strategy Changes the Game

How a Communication Strategy Changes the Game


60 Minutes



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Communication & connectivity is the backbone of any secure IIOT system. Learn how the right communication strategy across your system ensures that you're able to access the right data and send it to the right devices. Adoption of key principles like industry standards and security practices means that you're able to connect devices in a way that is effective and supportable.

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • how to connect your disparate systems
  • how critical communications are to security
  • why open industry standards are important
Ron Bliss
Presented by Ron Bliss, Senior Software Product Manager - Communications Software, Rockwell Automation

Ron Bliss has over 35 years of factory automation experience. As a Senior Software Product Manager he focuses on providing a holistic solution for communications software using his expertise in controller hardware, controller development software and Human Machine interface terminals.

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Matt Masarik
Moderated by Matt Masarik, Marketing Manager, Rockwell Automation
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