Cyber Threats - Understanding Defense, Detection and Response

Cyber Threats - Defense, Detection and Response


60 Minutes



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Every oil & gas and chemical business faces the threat of cyber-attacks and every member of the security operations center must take responsibility.

This webinar will provide practical insights and timely intelligence to share how improving cyber security can help provide better and more valuable business outcomes.  

Attendees will hear about real life cyber security incidents and the steps organizations took to improve the situation.  Join speaker James Findlay to gain a better understanding of:
•    How to protect critical infrastructure
•    The approach needed to improve cyber resilience
•    How to ensure an effective incident response plan
•    How defense mechanisms should be allocated to technology, processes and staff

James Findlay
Presented by James Findlay, LEAD, CONSULTING SERVICES BUS. DEV, Rockwell Automation

James Findlay leads the Rockwell Automation Connected Services Business in Canada and has over 20 years of experience in the IT field. He advises business, IT and operationally focused leaders to drive improvements that effect productivity, reliability and profitability.

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