Choosing the right servo drive control (K5100, K5500, K5700)

Choosing the right servo drive control


60 Minutes



Have you been looking for the best fit to your servo drives? Are all the choices available making this process difficult?

Tune into this Rockwell Automation® webinar with speaker Simon Wong as he covers all the scalable servo drive control options (Kinetix 5100, 5500, or 5700), along with:

•    Different power ranges
•    Safety and security options
•    Integrated motion or standalone options

This simple, hour long webinar will make it easier to select the system that best fits a machine's power needs by choosing the right the servo drive, servo motor and cable system.

Top 3 Industry Drivers:
•    Growing consumer desire for more product variety and packaging sizes is creating a need for smaller, more flexible machines
•    Creating the right size machine today, with flexibility to expand tomorrow
•    Need for safer and more secure machines

Key Takeaways:
•    Choose the best servo drive fit (Kinetix 5100, 5500, or 5700)
•    Making it easier to select the system that best fits a machine's power needs is the goal of the servo drive, servo motor, and cable system
•    Introduction to the newest servo drive option, the Kinetix 5100 servo system which provides an easy migration option for users of the Allen-Bradley® Ultra 3000 digital servo drive

Simon Wong
Presented by Simon Wong, Product Marketing Manager, Rockwell Automation

Simon Wong has been with Rockwell Automation for 9 years and has over 20 years of experience in Industrial Automation. As the Business Manager for Motion Products in Asia Pacific, he has provided insight and understanding of users which lead to development of the Kinetix 5100 drive and TLP motor.

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