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We understand machine builder challenges and deliver high-performance motion control systems to help meet your goals. If you want to innovate your machine or drive efficiency in your design, we offer easy-to-use, integrated motion solutions.

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New Servo System Saves Costs, Simplifies Sizing

28 November 2019

Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5100 servo drive can run without a controller to meet a range of performance needs.

One Smart Path. Extraordinary Machine Flexibility.

9 September 2019

With a unified control platform, OEMs can better leverage the latest advanced technologies and optimize customers’ return on investment.

Impact of Ecommerce on Packaging Equipment Design

28 August 2019

Independent cart technology answers the call for a better way to manage the high-mix, agile packaging needs of our made-to-order world.

Washdown is Not Equal to Hygienic

Food recalls and their lasting impacts are forcing a change in industry standards.

Motion Control Fundamentals Using Servo Drives

28 March 2019

This course is designed to provide you with an understanding of the concepts, terminology, functionality and applications of motion control.

Enable Powerful Safety Machinery Solutions with Controller-Based Safety

There is a way for your machines to remain active while simultaneously being in a safe state.

Livetech: Complete Packaging Systems

7 February 2019

Livetech's LTL-3F is designed for packaging 6 different product formats in two standard box types. Forming, filling & closing have been conceived to minimise process time and operations.

iQFlex Exploits MagneMotion Flexibility

1 August 2018

IMA Automation’s iQ FLEX assembly platform with pallet-transfer technology meets industry’s need for speed, flexibility and agility.

Motion Analyser Software

22 June 2018

Rockwell Automation has released an updated version of the Allen-Bradley Motion Analyser software tool.

Smart Motor Control Brochure

22 March 2018

Learn how Smart Motor Control solutions can help you enhance application performance and increase productivity.

Kinetix VPC Continuous Duty Servo Motor

16 March 2018

Learn key features of the Kinetix® VPC Continuous Duty Servo Motor. This motor is optimized to run on Kinetix 5700 Servo Drives.

Deyu Lights Up Efficient Battery Production

9 January 2018

Deyu's winding machines help customers achieve higher productivity and lower cost in battery production, and enhance the reliability and energy density.

iTRAK Addresses Throughput Challenges

6 December 2017

ECONO-PAK was approached by Lotte Wedel to develop a packaging/cartoner machine that would more easily cater for varieties in packaging formats and product counts.

Bringing Smart Factories to Life

16 October 2017

Packaging plants can become connected, flexible and responsive and bring smart factories to life.

Rockwell Automation Improves Hydraulic System

29 August 2017

Thanks to Rockwell Automation servo drives and AC drives, Neotecman has reduced the design, installation and setup time of its hydraulic stamping equipment.

Master Production with Independent Cart Technology

9 June 2017

KUKA evaluated the standard automation systems used in auto manufacturing facilities and saw an opportunity to create a system that would be flexible, efficient and cost effective.

Why Independent Cart Conveying is One Smart Move

8 May 2017

Independent cart technology enables high performance and flexibility in critical automotive transfer systems.

Cama Builds Innovative Packaging Machines

27 April 2017

Cama Group, whose machines are widely used in food and non-food industries, covering primary and secondary packaging processes, build innovative secondary packaging machines with iTRAK.

Cama Group: Cutting Edge Technology & Reliability

26 April 2017

Cama's IF318 deploys iTRAK independent cart technology to deliver fast, flexible and infinitely variable product-transfer capabilities.

Gebo Cermex Develops Innovative Infeed System

26 April 2017

Gebo Cermex, a leading specialist in packaging line engineering for various industries, develops an innovative infeed system for case packer with the help of iTRAK.

Technologies and Solutions In Action

26 April 2017

The Connected Enterprise is deployed through smart devices, smart machines and smart manufacturing. See our latest technologies and solutions presented at #interpack.

Tonejet: iTRAK Delivers Maximum Flexibility

26 April 2017

Tonejet's use of Independent Cart Technology results in maximum flexibility with minimum reengineering. Rapid changeover matches end-user demand.

Sleever Machine Increases Speed and Energy Savings

19 April 2017

Known for the invention of the sleeve concept, Sleever increases speed and energy savings with a modernised Sleever machine.

Key to Brewing Success: Craft Beverage Packaging

10 April 2017

Craft beer is a rapidly growing and exciting market. New digital can printing technology is opening-up a whole new world of opportunity.

Optima and Intigena Increase Effectiveness

7 April 2017

Optima Nonwovens, a member of the OPTIMA Packaging Group GmbH, provided a solution for Intigena, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of hygiene products.

Cama Group Use iTRAK Technology in IF 318

5 March 2017

By using iTRAK technology in their IF 318 Robotised Monoblock Loading Unit, Cama are offering customers higher speed, greater flexibility, ease-of-use, and sanitary design.

Optima: Leading Edge–From Goods in to Product Out

5 March 2017

Optima leverages iTRAK flexibility to boost throughout and slash changeover times at leading hygiene product manufacturer.

What Is iTRAK and Why Should You Use It?

5 March 2017

Learn about iTRAK, why you should buy it, the benefits of using it, and the possible applications for it.

Trickle Down Technology: Disruptive and Positive

14 November 2016

Positive disruptive technologies such as iTRAK and MagneMotion trace their conceptual origins to fields such as space programmes and elite motor racing!

iTRAK Helps Slash Changeover Times By Up To 50%

26 October 2016

Optima and Intigena realize the benefit of iTRAK coupled to modern, flexible Integrated Architecture solution from Rockwell Automation. Changeover times cut by as much as 50%.

iTRAK Helps OEM Slash Changeover Times

14 October 2016

Optima and Intigena realise the benefit of iTRAK coupled to modern, flexible Integrated Architecture solution from Rockwell Automation. Changeover times cut by as much as 50%.

Cama Group Using iTRAK System

26 August 2016

Watch this example of Cama Group's CAMA CL175 in action using Rockwell Automation's iTRAK System.

High Performance in a Small Control System

16 May 2016

Controllers must offer increased capacity to help meet the growing demands of smart machines and equipment for manufacturing in the small control space.

OEM Solution: Newfoil Machines Limited

10 May 2016

Newfoil Machines Limited has become world leader in the field of roll fed hot foil label printing and converting machines and can boast over 1,500 installations in 90 countries worldwide.

Cosma Brings The Connected Enterprise To Life

1 March 2016

Italian machine builder engineers a new, high performing and completely connected line for washing machine chassis production.

Is There a Winning Formula for UK Firms?

6 January 2016

In a competitive market, where you can't control the global dynamics or world decision making authorities, you can be a winner in your segment by choosing the right partners.

iTRAK Intelligent Track System Brochure

1 July 2015

iTRAK®, The Intelligent Track System, is a modular, scalable, and linear motor system.

High Load and High Dynamic iTRAK System

27 May 2015

The iTRAK® Intelligent Track System is capable of moving with heavy loads at high speeds. These capabilities open new possibilities for production machinery in a variety of applications.

Introducing iTRAK: The Intelligent Track System

27 May 2015

iTRAK is a modular, scalable motion control system that provides independent control of multiple magnetically propelled movers on a track.

Recycling Center Sets New Standard

27 May 2015

Action Environmental Solutions sets new standard for material recovery and increases plant visibility for new US FDA food-safety regulations.

Servo Drive Overview

1 May 2015

The Kinetix® 5700 helps expand the value of integrated motion on EtherNet/IP to large custom machine builder applications.

OEM Solution: Trinamics

1 April 2015

Integrated cartoner/case packer is built to withstand rugged environment - and improve machine safety and availability on chicken processing line.

KHS: Maximum Flexibility and Agility

16 February 2015

KHS's Innopouch VFFS machine uses iTRAK independent cart technology to deliver maximum flexibility and agility, coupled to rapid and accurate product transfer.

R.A. Jones Using iTRAK System

16 February 2015

The iTRAK solution is shown on the IndeCart® 2 transfer device of the Legacy 3 cartoner.

Trends in Integrated Motion Control Applications

10 February 2015

Motion control is one of the most relevant disciplines for most machines, particularly in the packaging sector.

Can Your VFD Speak Servo?

28 November 2014

New level of AC drive integration can help simplify machine development and use - from programming and configuration to maintenance and troubleshooting.

OEM Solution: Bevcorp

1 October 2014

For craft beverage producers and contract packagers, this cost-effective bottle filler makes high-volume rotary filling a viable option.

OEM Solution: MGS Machine

1 October 2014

Efficient and serialization-friendly, this continuous motion cartoner meets pharmaceutical niche for bottle, tube or blister applications.

OEM Solution: Precision PMD

1 October 2014

Versatile. Energy efficient. Take a look at this servo-driven denester for food packaging.

OEM Solution: Accraply

1 September 2014

These space-saving machines speed changeover for roll-fed labeling and shrink-sleeve labeling applications.

OEM Solution: American Packaging Machinery (APM)

1 September 2014

This cost-effective shrink-wrapping system for disposable dinnerware delivers a consistent and attractive shelf-ready package.

OEM Solution: Autotec Engineering

1 September 2014

In-mold labeling equipment provides plastic processors with energy-efficient solution that meets exacting end-user requirements.

OEM Solution: Graphic Packaging International

1 September 2014

Compact reciprocating vacuum placer offers accuracy, flexibility and speed for pick and place packaging applications in a continuous motion environment.

OEM Solution: Marchant Schmidt

1 September 2014

Innovative cheese converting solution helps reduce "giveaway" and can significantly impact a food producer's bottom line.

OEM Solution: Weiler Labeling System

1 September 2014

For high-speed serialization applications, this pressure sensitive label head can deliver new levels of efficiency and flexibility.

OEM Solution: Combi Packaging Systems

4 August 2014

The Ergopack hand packing station offers a robot-assisted option to minimize human intervention in difficult or hazardous packing tasks.

OEM Solution: AFA Systems

1 August 2014

Integrated cartoner and robotic case packer optimizes changeover time - and energy efficiency on powdered milk packaging line.

Pulp and Paper Industry Solution

1 January 2014

Enfasi provides paper manufacturers with an integrated automation solution that offers a single supervision interface to manage the production process and control paper quality.

Motion Control: The Machine’s Soul

12 December 2013

Mechatronics, motion control, electronic cams, axes synchronization: All these technological terms are becoming rather familiar for any automated solutions programmer or integrator.

ALD Deploys Integrated Control Solution

1 July 2013

Vacuum technology company deploys integrated, single-platform, Logix-based solution for the control of automation, safety, process and motion.

A Converting Machine for the Food Industry

1 June 2013

Laem System, a leading converting machine manufacturer, creates its first double fold slitter rewinder machine.

Bradman Lake Demonstrates Control Platform

1 August 2012

Leading packaging technology company deploys Rockwell Automation solutions across its range, resulting in significantly reduced engineering effort and greater interoperability

Kliklok-Woodman Create Packaging Solultion

1 April 2011

Rockwell Automation Motion Analyzer and Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks software partnership create a new improved packaging solution.