FactoryTalk Analytics Platform

For Industrial IoT Applications

Our FactoryTalk® Analytics™ platform is a bundled offering that includes FactoryTalk Analytics DataView, FactoryTalk Analytics DataFlowML, and FactoryTalk Analytics Edge.

This platform enables scalable analytics from edge to enterprise and can ingest data from a variety of data types. It also enables capabilities like self-service machine learning and data mash-ups for collaborative data analysis.

Because the FactoryTalk Analytics platform includes multiple applications built on a common platform, you can buy only what you need and scale. It allows you to execute as close to the source and consumer of data as possible. Leverage your technology investment and remain platform neutral. Minimize the need for IT and data scientist expertise for repeatable tasks and applications.

Discover/Fuse Data

To improve decision-making, you need to gather insights as closely as possible to devices, data and those who will consume them. That is when the smallest of decisions make the biggest impact on process, time and material management.

FactoryTalk Analytics Edge provides data capture, transformation and analytical capabilities, including predictive machine learning, right on the edge. Quickly assemble and organize your plant-floor data for analysis. Locate and correct sources of inefficiencies quickly to control manufacturing yield, overall equipment effectiveness, and other factors that matter to your business outcome.

Gain/Apply Insights

FactoryTalk Analytics DataFlowML helps remove inconsistencies in the decision-making process to improve your overall bottom line. The software helps you to identify data trends and present insights proactively. Correct anomalies before downtime or quality events occur. Use machine learning to reduce human effort.

Enable Self-Service

You need to know what is happening on your shop floor. But you also need to be able to quickly add context and analyze events on your own.

FactoryTalk Analytics DataView empowers you with faster insights through self-service, intuitive storyboards you can create with a single click. Use natural search language to query and diagnose and resolve issues on the fly. Speed decision-making to tighten production and maximize revenue.

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