ThinManager Thin Client and Industrial Mobility Management Platform to Release Version 11

ThinManager Version 11

Support for even more robust thin client hardware places ThinManager at the core of the Connected Enterprise

ThinManager version 11 is the latest major release in the industrial thin client management platform. This release adds features that allow end users to increase their productivity, visualization, security and mobility, and will be available to the market in December, 2018.

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Here are the key elements of this release:

General Additions

Version 11 is the first version of ThinManager to support localization. This first phase of localization support includes support for non-English keyboards. The on-screen keyboard (OSK) will be configurable in non-English languages as well. Both of these updates will allow users to input data, such as passwords, using their specific language and character sets. This latest release also supports a more modern BIOS called UEFI ensuring ThinManager will continue to support the latest x86 thin/zero clients coming to market.

Security Enhancements

Expanding the multitude of authentication options that ThinManager provides, version 11 adds a USB badge reader module, providing administrators a wider range of choice for how users securely access content.

Productivity Gains

ThinManager continues to expand productivity for end users with several enhancements added to version 11. One highly anticipated feature is support for FactoryTalk Activation and common installer. Users can decide to continue using traditional ThinManager Master Licensing or FactoryTalk Activation. FactoryTalk View SE users will also see new licensing benefits. Using ThinManager 11 and FTVSE 11, a single FactoryTalk View SE Client license will enable the delivery of an unlimited number of SE Client sessions (multi session and/or failover) to a terminal. Support for the new Allen-Bradley VersaView 5200 Dual 4K and Multi 4K industrial thin clients is also included.

Expanded Visualization and Mobility

ThinManager is expanding the MultiMonitor feature to include support for up to 7 monitors on a single terminal. Specifically, this update will offer support for the new VersaView 5200 Multi 4K thin client to be released early next year. More flexibility has also been added to ThinManager’s touchscreen navigation. The new USB touchscreen module will be configurable for touch and hold time period to present display client selection and/or other ThinManager actions such as tile or calibrate.

Mobile Control Room

ThinManager’s mobile tablet applications will be updated to support tiling, virtual screens and IP cameras on iOS and Android tablets. These updates to iTMC and aTMC will allow a control room style composite application to be delivered to mobile devices, providing mobile users the ability to monitor multiple sources of content simultaneously while on the move.

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