Rockwell Automation - Main Sponsor of iT’s Tissue 2018

Rockwell Automation, the main sponsor and protagonist of iT’s Tissue 2018 “The Italian Technology Experience”, the only event of its kind in the world, now in its third edition.

From June 25 to 29, the 12 network members of iT’s Tissue will open the doors of their companies to welcome visitors from around the world, demonstrating Italian excellence and quality in the technological tissue production chain. Rockwell Automation, in addition to acting as the main sponsor, will participate in all the open house events with their solutions specifically designed to produce added value.

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Always a promoter of the culture of innovation and technological excellence, Rockwell Automation, a global leader in automation products and services, is participating in the third edition of iT’s Tissue as the main sponsor and supplier of solutions specifically designed to produce added value.

This is the third appointment with iT’s Tissue, an event that has grown over the course of each edition. In 2015 the number of operators present at the event had already doubled from the previous year, with 1500 people coming from 70 different countries representing 320 companies, all of whom appreciated the open house formula.  This year from June 25 to 29, visitors will once again have the chance to see machines operating where they were designed and built, and to expand their knowledge about the latest innovations in terms of automation solutions developed to support machine manufacturers and end users, helping them to reach ever more challenging efficiency and productivity goals.

There are 12 Network Members of iT’s Tissue: A. Celli, Elettric80, Fabio Perini, Futura, Gambini, MTC, OMET, PCMC, Pulsar, Recard, TMC, Toscotec. 12 brand leaders in their sectors, all sharing a desire to promote Italian expertise at a global level, giving life to a district that is synonymous with excellence and quality in the tissue sector.  The beating heart of the Tissue Valley, with industrial businesses located in the surrounding area of Lucca, extending to complete the production chains in Bologna, Reggio Emilia and Lecco.

Visitors can organize their tours of the open houses in advance based on their own interests. Specifically, those who want to explore Rockwell Automation solutions for converting can reserve a visit at Fabio Perini, Futura, Gambini and PCMC, while those interested in the paper production process can visit A. Celli, Recard and Toscotec. Visitors interested in handling and inspection of product quality aimed at improving line efficiency can visit Pulsar Engineering for palletizing, logistics and complete Elettric80 factory integration, while for packaging, the companies to see are TMC and Fabio Perini with the CASMATIC brand. MTC is the only company where it is possible to see converting solutions for folded products.

All the aforesaid companies have already chosen Integrated Architecture solution by Rockwell Automation for their machines. For the occasion of iT’s Tissue, Rockwell Automation decided to focus attention on some of the concepts that make up the DNA of the company, presenting some new solutions and some integrations on the adopted architectures.

The concept of safety as interpreted by Rockwell Automation, which has always been at the forefront in the world from a perspective of safety solutions for the industrial sector, is expressed through the integration of new functionalities that combine safety and productivity. For example, at Futura it will be possible to see how the Kinetix 5700 ERS4 servomotor associated with new generation safety CPU provides more flexibility in safety system operations – for example, it is possible to work on a machine in maintenance or in configuration by simply slowing it down instead of having to stop the machine completely. This means that production is not interrupted, resulting in increased productivity in the machine without impacting the desired safety level.

Machine designers have always needed to reduce the size of machines and find solutions that allow end users to lower energy costs in machines with particularly elevated power consumption. At Gambini, Fabio Perini and PCMC, visitors can see a prototype of a regenerative solution from the Kinetix 5700 series, the main platform for these types of applications. Today the regenerative unit is presented as a prototype, part of the motion control integrated platform, which in the case of system braking allows recovery of the kinetic energy produced by the stoppage into the power mains network. In addition to permitting reuse of a significant source of energy, responding to an energy savings and sustainability principle, this also allows removal of a separate regenerative unit in favor of more scalable and compact newer generation solutions, resulting in an important reduction in machine dimensions.

Like all of the solutions offered by Rockwell Automation, this new series is flexible and scalable, and the regenerative unit is available in different sizes to answer to a wide range of machine design philosophies. Based on specifications that require application to the entire line or to the single modules that make up the machine, an appropriate power converter can be used, alternating the regenerative unit with a high power PowerFlex 755T AFE -Active Front End– , with a sufficient power rating to be mounted upstream of the entire line, with regenerative units with lower power ratings from the Kinetix 5700 series, which also have the advantage of maintaining the DC bus constant.

It will also be possible to get a first look at the brand new high-power units (Large Frame Drives), which allow covering several applications in a tissue line with the Kinetix 5700 series.

Naturally, these are only some examples of applications and advantages offered by Rockwell Automation. Visitors will be able to chat with Rockwell Automation specialists available to demonstrate the applications and provide detailed information at all 12 companies.

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