Building Management Systems for Pharma

Bio-pharmaceutical Industry Environmental Monitoring and HVAC Validation

The environment in which your product is manufactured directly impacts product quality. When you monitor and control the critical environment conditions, you help to ensure quality and compliance. Our validated building management system for pharma production integrates process control and environmental management for enhanced productivity and improved product quality.

Improve Quality. Reduce Costs. Ease Validation.

Consistent Product Quality with Unified Solution Across Enterprise

Multiple systems controlling critical processes in pharma production can greatly increase costs, compliance, and quality. By using a single integrated platform for your process automation, environmental monitoring, and building management, you can achieve immediate benefits.

Our solution for qualified building automation system is based on PlantPax® process automation system and Integrated Architecture® system products. With a unified, scalable, highly available solution, we help eliminate the need for validating disparate platforms. Pre-engineered and pre-tested HVAC control modules, library, and templates help provide a unified data structure, reduce validation and documentation, and improve time-to-market.

We deliver complete, turn-key solutions from operation, instrumentation to design, validation, and post commission support. We have enabled customers to achieve multiple benefits, such as:

  • Reduction in product variation
  • Common maintenance strategy and lower inventory of spares
  • Reduced energy costs

What Our Customers Are Saying

We have found that there are significant implementation and lifecycle cost benefits of having a common process and building automation system platform.

Major Pharmaceutical Company

Automation Improves Operational Efficiency

Integrate Production and Building Management for Improved Quality

It is critical for bio-pharma manufacturers to avoid any impact on production and downtime that could affect compliance. Learn how a customer optimized its operations with a single integrated control solution. This solution provided real-time access to data for enterprise-wide reporting, improved decision-making, and energy reduction.

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