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It’s been a challenge for machine builders to stay current with technology and ahead of competition. As market needs of industry and application requirements evolve, and available technology improves, we’ve enhanced our Micro Control system with expanded capabilities to meet and surpass your needs.

In helping MicroLogix™ customers move to newer technology and support the migration of MicroLogix™ controllers to Micro800™ controllers, Rockwell Automation is onboard to provide the necessary support and resources.

Micro800™ controllers are designed for small to large standalone machine applications, meeting the demands of MicroLogix™ applications and offering cost-effective and customizable solution to machine builders. The flexible options of adding Micro800™ plug-in and expansion I/O modules help expand functionality and capability while reducing controller footprint and hardware costs.

Join us and discover how easy it is for MicroLogix™ customers to migrate to Micro800™ controllers!

Key Takeaways:   

  • Move to newer technology and get greater flexibility with Micro800™ controllers
  • Convenience of using one design software to program, configure and visualize
  • Useful tools available to support migrating from MicroLogix™ controller to Micro800™ controller
Gim Wei Ng
Presented by Gim Wei Ng, Product Specialist, Rockwell Automation

Gim Wei is the product specialist for our Micro Control portfolio, which consists of the Micro800™ control system and MicroLogix™ control system families. Before this role, he was managing our SLC™ controllers focusing on helping customers modernize their systems to improve production efficiency and avoid unplanned downtime. Join Gim Wei to discover how you can stay current and ahead of competition with Micro800™ controllers.

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