EMEA Customer Center for The Connected Enterprise

Bringing Digitalisation to Life

The EMEA Customer Center for The Connected Enterprise offers you the opportunity to receive tailored advice on smart factory subjects combined with a 360-degree view of The Connected Enterprise.

Develop Tailored Strategies

Manufacturing companies from all industries are trying to identify the right digital strategy for their needs – and in the complex area of smart factories, each firm has its own requirements.

Our approach to The Connected Enterprise offers customers a fully developed concept with which they can already start implementing many smart factory precepts today. The Customer Center is the ideal platform to help customers experience the opportunities of digitalisation in an interactive way and allows us to develop tailored strategies together.

Leverage Our Digitalisation Expertise

We have successfully implemented The Connected Enterprise concept in our own manufacturing facilities as part of our own journey towards digitalisation. By visiting this Customer Center, you will have the opportunity to explore what we have learnt and experience the benefits of digitalisation live on site.

Through interlinking production and IT systems more closely, you can learn how to increase efficiency and reduce costs while saving resources. With intelligent monitoring and transparent processes, you can have a detailed view of operations at all times. Thus allowing you to optimise your production and respond faster to market changes without making any compromises on quality – maintaining your competitive edge.

Interactive Demos

Visitors can see interactive demos and application examples, as well as live views of operations in our manufacturing facilities with real-time access to production data.

Smart Factory Concepts

Our Connected Enterprise specialists will be on hand to provide advice, tailored to the specific needs of your company, on the best way to implement smart factory concepts.

"We created this center to help companies achieve their business objectives by identifying opportunities for digitalization, which can be modeled in a virtual environment"

Susana Gonzalez, President Europe, Middle East and Africa


The center is based in the technology city of Karlsruhe, Germany:

Zur Gießerei 19
76227 Karlsruhe

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How May We Help You?

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