Automation Today Issue 60: Executive Message

Simplify Systems with Premier Integration

Simplify Systems with Premier Integration

As systems become more connected and complex, the time and effort needed to design, configure and maintain machinery and equipment are coming under greater scrutiny. Fortunately, better integration between the automation controller and system devices is providing new time and cost-saving opportunities.

Whether you are a machine and equipment builder, system integrator or end user, this consolidation can simplify system designs, cut development time and costs, and support faster deployments. It also gives end users better access to production intelligence.

In fact, a recent survey by TechValidate found that 64 percent of industrial manufacturers said this integrated programming experience helped them reduce engineering time, and 63 percent said it helped them achieve improved diagnostics.

This issue of Automation Today focuses on Premier Integration and Modern DCS and how simplifying systems can improve productivity and profitability. It reveals the latest industry knowledge and technologies and explores: The Premier Integration Experience; how Digital Twin Technology delivers greater Manufacturing Efficiency; and looks at how TotalFORCE Technology Drives Smart Motor Control.

Achieving faster time to market is key to get ahead and stay in the lead of the competition. The Premier Integration experience enables users to seamlessly design, commission, maintain protect and report on the automation assets in The Connected Enterprise.

The race is on to achieve faster time to market, together with increased productivity and profitability. As you read this issue of Automation Today, you are sure to identify ways that simplifying systems can help reduce engineering time and improve your productivity. It’s time to rethink what to expect from your automation systems.

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