TotalFORCE® – Revolutionizing Technology in AC Variable Speed Drives

TotalFORCE® Technology in AC Variable Speed Drives


30 Minutes



Can you demonstrate how to optimize productivity through maximizing motor control performance, or even to predict when you need maintenance for the drives system of your plant to prevent downtime and shutdown. If you can’t do so easily, you’re not alone.

TotalFORCE® technology capabilities help reduce time to commission, optimize performance and enable simplified maintenance and serviceability throughout the full lifecycle of PowerFlex 755T drives for a broad range of applications.

A few enhancements to this technology include more powerful adaptive control capabilities, predictive-maintenance features, and built-in permanent magnet motor support.

In this webinar, learn how TotalFORCE® Technology combines high performance motor control, advanced self-monitoring capabilities and a contemporary digital platform to:

  • Deliver faster,
  • More precise,
  • and responsive AC drives

Join the webinar and be the game changer!

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