The Power of Building a Secure Network Infrastructure

The Power of Building a Secure Network



The continuing trend in Industrial Automation is the convergence of technology - industrial automation technology with information technology. The convergence of the plant-floor and enterprise networks increases access to production data, which enables Manufacturers to make better business decisions. This business agility provides a competitive edge for Manufacturers that embrace convergence.

With these opportunities, come challenges. Network convergence exposes industrial assets to security threats traditionally found in the enterprise. Implementing best practices from both engineering and IT along with the recommendations described in Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) Architectures will help you establish the secure, scalable and robust network infrastructure needed to facilitate industrial and enterprise network convergence.

In this webinar Gregory Wilcox, Rockwell Automation Networks and Security Specialist, shares with you:

  • How to define a reference architecture and why they're important
  • How these architectures support successful deployment of a connected enterprise
  • Best practices for establishing a secure, scalable and robust network infrastructure to support IT and OT convergence

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