Smart Manufacturing and The Connected Enterprise

Smart Manufacturing and The Connected Enterprise



Manufacturing and Industrial operations will change more profoundly in the next five years than they have in the past 20, as intelligent devices to continue to proliferate. While this has been the dream for decades, the technology to make it possible was historically prohibitively expensive. But now, the “Internet of Things” and other enabling technologies are changing that. Our concept of The Connected Enterprise helps manufacturers capitalize on the promise of an ever-more connected world, in the form of higher manufacturing velocity, more agile response to changing conditions, reduced costs and lowered risk.

At Rockwell Automation, we have been on a journey to globalize our own manufacturing footprint. This measured objective can be accomplished through:

  • The implementation of advanced technology
  • Compelling leadership
  • Deliberate permeation of a fresh organizational culture anchored by the principles of speed, quality and a consistency of purpose

Come hear about the best practices and lessons we learned during our own quest to implement the Connected Enterprise and achieve a multi-faceted, collaborative, demand-driven and sustainable high-mix manufacturing business environment.

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