Safety with Compact GuardLogix 5380 SIL 3 System

Safety with Compact GuardLogix 5380 SIL 3 System


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Safety is required everywhere. But how to achieve safety without compromising performance? Learn how the Compact GuardLogix® 5380 safety controllers can help you optimize your investment, improve your machine performance and get you more integrated in managing safety applications.

Discover how the new SIL 3 controller completes the Compact GuardLogix® 5380 safety portfolio and benefits customers who adopt safety in their applications:

•    Right-size the safety controller based on safety rating and usage with easy selection from a complete portfolio of safety options
•    Optimize the control system bill of materials (BOM) with the support of local safety I/O
•    Reduce cost and design efforts with increased integration to motion and drive products
•    Increase performance to solve demanding standard and safety applications in one platform

Top 3 Industry Drivers:
•    Optimize hardware investment for adopting safety
•    Reduce equipment footprint with improved safety performance
•    Increase integration benefits with local safety I/O support

Key Takeaways:
•    Meet demanding safety requirements in multiple industries with scalable, high-performance Compact GuardLogix® 5380 controllers and Compact 5000™ safety I/O
•    Minimize machine footprint with reduction in safety distance
•    Scalable safety helps customer select the right safety controller for their applications

Dexter Leong
Presented by Dexter Leong, Global Product Manager, Rockwell Automation

Dexter has more than 20 years of experience in industrial automation focusing on control automation systems, including the last 13 years with Rockwell Automation. Also known as the guru for CompactLogix™ controllers, he currently manages the CompactLogix™ safety controllers and I/O portfolio.

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