Optimize your machines with flexible motion control capabilities

Optimize machines with flexible motion control


30 Minutes



What are the challenges you face with your current motion control system? Is the complexity too difficult to maintain? Is it consuming a large amount of your engineering and programming time?

We understand how critical and important a motion control system is to achieve high performance and efficiency for your machinery. So you would not want to miss this live webinar that will discuss how to leverage the latest solutions and offerings in motion control systems.

In this 9th smart machines webinar series, you can learn how:

  • to choose scalable, cost-effective servo drives with a wider range of power and performance requirements
  • new Kinetix® 5100 drives with TLP motors allow you to empower your unique needs and have the ability to fit into your application
  • to optimize your machines to drive efficiency with simpler design with less cost in overall integrated control system

Join this webinar and maximize your motion control in your integrated system and flexible machines. Continue your smart machines journey and stay competitive.

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