Using advanced analytics and augmented reality to innovate your Smart Machines

How analytics and AR innovate your Smart Machines


30 Minutes



Do you maximize the data from your machines?
As you progress along Smart machine Journey to innovate your machines with various IIoT technology, it’s critical to also understand evolving customer’s challenges.

Industrial organizations need to quickly identify ways to tighten production schedules and maximize revenue. A fast response to issues can be difficult when analytics tools are managed by IT departments, and may require days or months to create analytics for newly identified problems.

As combined capabilities through Rockwell Automation – PTC partnership, FactoryTalk InnovationSuite provides a robust advanced analytics environment with powerful new tools to answer those operational questions as, or even before, they arise.

As a machine builder, based on where you are in Smart machine Maturity model, you can start adopting a powerful, purpose-built IIoT technology including advanced Analytics and AR(Augmented Reality) in your machines and begin a collecting, aggregating and visualizing machine operation data.

Advanced analytics solution deployed in your machines can allow your end users to automate complex advanced analytical tasks while easily also leveraging real-time and proactive information in their decision making. Introducing augmented reality experiences on your equipment can also potentially drive better effectiveness in workforce instruction, operator training, onsite maintenance, and customer services.

During this live webinar, you can learn

  • How leveraging advanced analytics and AR(Augmented Reality) can enable machine builders(OEM) to deliver more innovative machines to end-users plants
  • How machine builder can work together with end users to maximize collected data, produce actionable dashboards from machines, better manage machine OEE, and leverage new preventive maintenance techniques.
  • How Predictive and prescriptive analytics can help differentiate smart machine builders and generate new revenue streams by identifying new business/service opportunities

Join this webinar and be a game changer.

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