ConnectED 2015

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Two key industry events – one place – one time only in 2015…

ConnectED 2015 
16 – 19 March

Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Cisco Live 
17 – 20 March

Information is power. The need to “converge” Operational Technology (OT) with Information Technology is greater than ever. All under one roof, the Rockwell Automation ‘ConnectED 2015’ and ‘Cisco Live’ events will address this compelling need.

Guided by our industrial expertise, accelerated by advances in enabling technologies – including the Internet of Things, data analytics, remote monitoring and mobility – ConnectED 2015 – ‘The Connected Enterprise’ – puts that power to work for you.

Join in this new and exciting event and explore how Rockwell Automation is helping its Customers join the industrial revolution by linking intelligent assets and optimising industrial operations to become more competitive and productive.  Learn about the path we have undertaken in our own evolution of our global operations.

ConnectED 2015 offers a varied agenda including certified courses, workshops, and seminars focused on knowledge-enabled strategies. These strategies, made possible by  embedding Integrated Control and Information into all devices, plant floor and up, will help end users accelerate smart, safe and sustainable business performance…Get Connected…Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join Melbourne’s two key Industrial Technology events in 2015!