Single version of truth - A Holistic Approach to Serialization, Tracking & Traceability

Single version of truth


30 Minutes



Track and trace from any point the supply chain - going beyond automation.

While keeping up with the constant change in consumer demand, you need to achieve greater supply chain visibility through transparent ‘track and trace’ to meet escalating regulatory requirements for drug products, food safety and quality while a number of countries around the world are already rolling out or soon to activate serialization-based anti-counterfeiting regulations.

Complete serialization and track & trace integrated solution enable near real time automated capture and sharing of electronic product traceability data at every step of process by linking and visualization of entire product flow from collection of raw ingredients to the product to customers. Also this allows complete track upstream and downstream electronically from any point of the supply chain by identifying and locating potentially affected product in 3 hours or less.

Whether you are a pharmaceutical, medical device or consumer packaged goods manufacturer, a traceability infrastructure that uses the latest technologies can help improve your time to market, manufacturing processes and compliance.

As a holistic approach through the enterprise, by tapping a software platform that also offers MES and EBR capabilities , a serialization system can help address global serialization requirements, including necessary data capabilities and high-speed device management of serialization components – all while minimizing production interruptions or validation burdens.

In this first Asia Pacific wide industry focused webinar series, you can learn :

  • What is track & trace and serialization and how it is evolving
  • The value of holistic approach of serialization and traceability
  •  How the integrated track & trace system can tackle down consumer and life science industry challenges and what are the best practices and approach for the successful implementation
  • What are key enabling technologies and solution and how it could be well deployed in your enterprise with right delivery models

Join this webinar and accelerate Serialization, Tracking & Traceability for your enterprise and supply chain management.

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