Process Services

Services to Protect Your Automation Investment

We understand that a profitable, safe, and sustainable operation is your goal. We offer industry and technology-specific expertise to address your unique process automation challenges and help you meet your goals. This portfolio of services can help you meet your plant and enterprise-wide goals, and protect your automation investment.

Consulting and Integration Services

It is not always easy to identify the process and equipment issues that are hindering your production performance. Sometimes you require more objective input.

Our consultative and integration services help guide you with more than just recommendations. We provide comprehensive, documented information focused on increasing efficiency and decreasing your costs.

Explore Our Consulting and Integration Services

Our Service Offerings

    • FEED studies
    • Main automation contactor (MAC)
    • OEM skid integration (OEM MAC)
    • Control systems
    • Panel design and build
    • Modular process systems
    • Separation technology
    • Validation

    Integrated Support

    Customizable Services and Delivery

    Your budget, uptime requirements, and production schedule are unique. Should your service plan not be as unique?

    Integrated support is your platform to build highly tailored service agreements. This annual support agreement helps keep your systems running by combining our world-class capabilities into a service and support process tailored to your specific needs.

    Learn How Integrated Support Works

    Our Support Offerings

    • On-site parts
    • Application support
    • Resident engineering
    • Network assessments
    • Preventive maintenance

    Process Safety Services

    The Extra Hands You Need to Stay Adherent

    We have a long history of investing in the safety of your process plant. We assist end users, EPCs, system integrators and equipment providers on all types of safety projects. Along the way we’ve acquired companies to complement our expertise. Now, these process safety services are provided by Sensia, a joint venture we have with Schlumberger.

    Visit Sensia for More Information and Support

    Our Capabilities

    • Functional safety management
    • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
    • Process hazard analysis (PHA)
    • SIL determination
    • SIL verification
    • Product certification and compliance
    • Safety device sizing
    • Hazardous area classification (HAC)
    • Quantified risk assessment
    • ICS Triplex legacy product support
    • SIS migration services
    • Training

    Process Optimization Services

    Support Programs to Help Protect Your Investment

    The Sustained Value Team is committed to keeping your investment at its optimal performance level. Our program of value-added services is designed to help deliver results to your bottom-line year after year.

    To achieve this goal, we offer proactive support to maximize your operations to increase production, reduce costs, improve quality, and increase profitability.

    Our Service Offerings

    • Proactive maintenance
    • Improved availability
    • Refresher training
    • Enhanced visibility
    • Disaster restoration
    • Optimize performance
    • Maintain operator expertise
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    How May We Help You?

    Rockwell Automation and our partners offer exceptional knowledge to help design, implement, and support your automation investment.