Smart Machine Journey

Innovating beyond Limits

Smart Manufacturing is driving a demand for connected machines and equipment.
As a machine builder, you need to respond with Smart Machines that seamlessly connect the plant floor with the enterprise.


Go Smarter, Go Further

To meet your customers’ current and future needs, you need to start building smart machines and equipment, and provide value beyond the machine.
Smart manufacturing evolves. Your position in this global market is defined by how well you adapt to the inevitable  changes of macro trends and pressures. 

Smart Machines Bring You

  • Flexible operation
  • Innovation and Differentiation
  • New Revenue Streams
  • New service opportunities

Delivering Higher Value to your machine with lower costs and reduced risks.
It is time to leverage Smart Machines to unlock new possibilities.

How May We Help You?

Are you ready to begin your Smart Machine journey? Contact us today to assess where you are and plan your journey together.

Why Builds Smart Machines?

Rockwell Automation provides integrated platforms and information solutions that enable you to differentiate yourself and create more value, more market and more revenue.
There are tools that help you to design, develop and deliver Smart Machines to end users.


Get Informed, Get Optimized

Rockwell Automation helps you move ahead on your journey toward Smart Machine, no matter where you are today. 
Let's assess your assets capabilities and resources to gain a concept of your current position on your journey and identify the areas that need to be expanded for achieving Smart Manufacturing.