Scalable Computing

Get Even More from Your Machines and Equipment

Our scalable computing solution enables you to make informed decisions on the data, right where it is created, on your machines. This functionality offers you the ability to make more informed decisions, on site, in front of your equipment.

Discover the Value of Scalable Computing

Make Quicker and More Informed Decisions

Data is in smart devices, on machines, and across plant floors. The closer you get to the data when decisions are made, the more valuable the data becomes. You can now drive efficiency through the production process in real time, which is why we have integrated compute functionality in a range of devices. This functionality allows you to get more from your machines and equipment, on the machine, where the decisions can be made.

Watch the video to discover more about scalable computing.

The Scalable Compute Portfolio

Our scalable computing technology gives you the power to get closer to the data whatever your production requirement, from building a new high-performance machine to the enhancement of your capability and productivity. The portfolio includes:

  • CompactLogix™ 5480: A compact, powerful Logix controller with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise built-in
  • ControlLogix® 1756 Compute Module: Add Windows 10 IoT Enterprise functionality to your ControlLogix controller
  • VersaView Industrial Computers: Add robust, industrial grade computing power
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