Micro800 Expansion I/O Modules

Our Bulletin 2085 Micro800™ Expansion I/O modules extend the capabilities of the Micro850® and Micro870® controllers by maximizing flexibility of the I/O count and type. The I/O module snaps firmly to the right side of Micro850 and Micro870 controllers, supporting both DIN rail and panel mount.

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  • Provides additional analog I/O, digital I/O and specialty capabilities
  • Offers removable terminal blocks for ease of installation, maintenance and wiring

2085 Analog Expansion I/O Modules

  • Analog input and output modules available: 4-channel, 8-channel, isolated
  • High resolution
  • High accuracy

2085 Digital Expansion I/O Modules

  • Variety of DC and AC discrete modules available to suit different applications
  • Solid-state output modules available for applications that require more than relays
  • High-density discrete I/O module available to reduce space consumption

2085 Specialty Expansion I/O Modules

  • Resistance temperature detector (RTD) available (4-channel, isolated)
  • Thermocouple (TC) modules available: 4-channel, isolated
  • High accuracy

2085 Bus Terminator Expansion I/O Modules

  • End cap terminator

Additional Information

Product Selection


  • C-Tick
  • CE Marked
  • cULus Marked
  • Hazardous Environment Class 1 Division 2
  • KC
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Resource Publication Number Language
Micro800 Family of PLCs Brochure 2080-BR001
Micro870 Programmable Logic Controller Product Profile 2080-PP006
Micro850 Programmable Logic Controller Product Profile 2080-PP003
Micro800 Programmable Controllers Family Selection Guide 2080-SG001
Micro800 16-point and 32-point Input Modules Installation Instructions 2085-IN001
Micro800 Bus Terminator Module Installation Instructions 2085-IN002
Micro800 16-pt Output Modules Installation Instructions 2085-IN003
Micro800 8-Point and 16-Point AC/DC Relay Output Modules Installation Instructions 2085-IN004
Micro800 8-Point AC I/O Modules Installation Instructions 2085-IN005
Micro800 Analog I/O Modules Installation Instructions 2085-IN006
Micro800 Thermocouple/RTD Input Module Installation Instructions 2085-IN007
Micro830, Micro850, and Micro870 Programmable Controllers User Manual 2080-UM002
Micro800 Expansion I/O Modules User Manual 2080-UM003
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