ClearMark Advanced Marking System

Our Bulletin 1492 ClearMark™ advanced marking system prints on terminal block marker cards as well as other industrial components. It is ideal for printing high volumes in continuous operation. The precise ink jet printing along with heat bonding provide optimum print results for durable marking.

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Bulletin 1492 ClearMark Advanced Printer Product Profile Bulletin 1492 Preprinted and Custom-printed Marker Cards Selection Guide Bulletin 1492 ClearMark Advanced Printer User Manual


  • Takes less than 2 minutes to print and set a full marker card
  • Includes integrated feeder for up to 30 marker cards
  • Offers low-maintenance, automatic cleaning cycles keep ink flowing and printer ready to use
  • Provides high-quality 600 or 1200 dpi color printing
  • Offers user friendly touch panel with intuitive interface
  • Can feed full- or half-sized marker cards
ClearMark Advanced Getting Started Video

This video provides an overview of the ClearMark Advanced printer, showing basic set-up and connection.

ClearMark Advanced Calibration Video

This video shows the procedure to calibrate the ClearMark Advanced Printer for use with various media using ClearTools™ software.

ClearMark Advanced Changing Cleaner Fluid Video

The ClearMark Advanced printer has an external bottle for cleaning fluid. This video demonstrates how to replace the bottle.

ClearMark Advanced Service Kit Replacement Video

This video demonstrates the procedure for installing the service kit in the ClearMark Advanced printer.

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Download ClearTools™ software to create custom marker cards that display basic numbering, sequences, and/or images. With ClearTools Software, you can:

  • Auto-fill to create sequences of data
  • Import from a variety of file formats
  • Print from a built-in library of symbols
  • Use your own images


Resource Publication Number Language
Bulletin 1492 ClearMark Advanced Printer Product Profile 1492-PP016
Bulletin 1492 Preprinted and Custom-printed Marker Cards Selection Guide 1492-SG009
Bulletin 1492 ClearMark Advanced Printer User Manual 1492-UM011
Bulletin 1492 ClearMark Advanced Printer Quick Start Guide 1492-QS005
ClearTools Software User Manual 1492-UM009
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