Mineral Processing

An Integrated Control System for Predictable Outcomes and Performance

A challenging mining industry environment requires tight control of the process areas of mining operations: leaching, flotation, thickening, and refining. Our mining solutions provide a modern distributed control system to help you produce processed minerals in a consistent manner. It helps you improve yields, minimize downtime, and integrate with business applications for real-time visualization of production KPIs.

Improve Consistency for Operational Excellence

Mining Solutions for Integrated and Consistent Process Control

Inconsistencies in the mineral feed, excessive use of reagents or fresh water, and disturbances in the mining process affect production yield. They also impact residence time and production costs. Every mining plant will contain the control equipment that is needed to operate. Typically, however, different areas of the plant have controls from multiple suppliers. This lack of a standardized approach can undermine efficiency and increase complexity and cost.

An integrated, standardized approach drives efficiency and value. Our mining solutions meet the strict control requirements of mineral processing and help ease the integration of existing legacy systems. IoT technologies connect all levels of the organization creating a true connected mine and transforming your plant data into production information.

Through our pre-engineered mining applications, companies reduce engineering time to implement control strategies that help reduce variability and improve yield. Our mining solutions provide ease of integration and connectivity to help. Our visualization technologies, including mobility, give you access to information anywhere, anytime. They help monitor real-time production trends that help you take timely action

Disparate Mining Buildings Operate as One

New Process Control System Unifies 14 Buildings to Reduce Costs

A leading global manufacturer of rare earth and metal products acquired a facility in California. Its goal was to convert it to a state-of-the-art mining and processing operation. The massive $1 billion project spanned 14 buildings at this location. It required standardizing on a common control system across each facility.

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