Integrated Robotic Solutions with Rockwell Automation

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Duration: 60 Minutes
Language: English
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Customers are looking for ways to innovate and continuously drive value.  We often think of this value at the machine or equipment level, but what if we could extend that to the design as well?  Rockwell Automation’s robotic integration strategy can help you increase machine efficiency as well as drive greater efficiency in the design and integration phases of a project.

This webinar will provide a summary of Rockwell Automation integrated robot solution from digital design to startup.

Top 3 Industry Drivers:
•    Increased design and engineering efficiency
•    Deliver a complete solution
•    Increased machine and equipment efficiency

Key Takeaways:
•    From digital design and engineering to delivery, this webinar will summarize Rockwell Automation’s integrated robot solution.
•    Rockwell Automation can deliver a flexible and integrated robotic experience.
•    Increase machine efficiency and flexibility by incorporating robots into your machine design.