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ISaGRAF® is an automation software technology used to create integrated automation solutions. Designed to be scalable and portable, it is suited to the development of small controllers and large distributed automation systems. ISaGRAF can help you develop automation products that meet your specific needs by providing you the flexibility to use the hardware platform and operating system of your choice. ISaGRAF has grown to become the most valued supplier of software technology for open automation, traditional automation, embedded control, and soft logic markets.

ISaGRAF offers a combination of a highly portable, robust SoftPLC control engine (Runtime) and an intuitive application development environment (Application Workbench).

ISaGRAF provides:

  • IEC 61131‑3 and IEC 61499 support that allows developers to choose the language that best suits the nature of the application
  • One development environment that allows you to leverage the full benefits of one automation approach

Execution of applications within SoftPLC control engine without modification to the core, regardless of operating system or processor (hardware platform).

  • Control programming languages based on international standards
  • Selectable output environments as either portable "C" source code or TIC (target-independent code)
  • SoftPLC runtime engine and options are offered for both Windows and Linux Toolkits
  • Configurable options allow you to write your own I/O drivers, add market-specific function blocks, connect to higher-level systems, or conveniently brand label the product
ISaGRAF Control Main ComponentsAutomation Options
ISaGRAF Workbench: A complete programming environment used to develop highly portable applications ISaGRAF Runtime: Specialized and optimized for high-performance control applications, the Control engine executes the TIC (Target-Independent Code) Failover Pack: Once enabled, the failover duplicates all resources that are attached to a configuration. The duplicated resources then run on a redundant controller, which is independent of the original controller IEC1131 Compliance: Supports the standard IEC 6-1131 control program languages Development Toolkit: A full set of Development Toolkit products are available for customization of the Runtime Target and include:
  • System interface
  • Communication interface
  • I/O interface
  • Function block interface
  • IXL Interface
  • Customization tools for the Workbench

ISaGRAF Development Toolkit

The ISaGRAF Development Toolkit enables high volume equipment manufacturers to create many different runtime engines, using the standard Application Workbench.

For all of your ISaGRAF products, please request a license activation code.

ISaGRAF Sales Contact Information

Location Address Phone
Main Office 9975 Rue de Châteauneuf, Suite U, Brossard, QC, J4Z-3V6 Canada +1 450 445 3353
Toll Free US and Canada:
1 877 868 4746
+1 450 445 3426 Sales and Information

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