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What’s the difference between Literature Library and the Technical Documentation Center?

Literature Library provides access to all commercial and technical documentation for our products, services, and solutions. You can search the library by product name or other keyword, catalog number, publication number, or publication type. Use the filters on the search results page to find the publication you need.

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The Technical Documentation Center organizes technical documentation by product line. For example, servo drives, controllers, circuit breakers, or software. Select a product line to find links to documentation, such as technical specifications, installation instructions, getting started guides, and manuals. This gives you access to essential documentation without the need to search Literature Library.

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Where can I find release notes?

Check the Product Compatibility and Download Center (PCDC) for your specific product version to view release notes.

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How do I find an EDS file for my product?

EDS archives in the Product Compatibility and Download Center maintain a history of revisions as well as the most up-to-date versions of Rockwell Automation DeviceNet and ControlNet EDS files.

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How do I find a certificate, such as a Declaration of Conformity?

Go to our Product Certifications page to search by type of certification.

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How do I find a publication in another language?

Search for the publication in Literature Library, then use the language pull-down on the results page to view which publications are available in that language.

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Where can I find product drawings and wiring diagrams?

Find and download 3D or 2D drawings, product photos, wiring diagrams, and more with our Product Configurator. Search by catalog number or keyword.

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Where can I find documentation for machine safety functions?

Safety Function Documents provide guidance for specific safety functions that are based on functional requirement, equipment selection, and Performance Level requirement. Search for a document by common applications, or by products and safety ratings standards.

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Where can I get an answer to a technical question?

Browse our Knowledgebase of questions and answers on a variety of products and technologies.

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What other resources are available to help me with your products?

Visit our Tools page to find libraries, product selection and configuration tools, and product services to support your information needs.

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