Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cables are essentially light pipes that attach to a fiber optic sensor. Light emitted from the sensor travels through transparent fibers in the cables and emerges at the end of the fiber. The transmitted or reflected beam is carried back to the receiver through different fibers. Our fiber optic cables are ideal for sensing small objects and are mounted in locations that would be inaccessible to photoelectric sensors.

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Our Glass Fiber Optic Cables contain multiple strands of very thin glass fiber that are bundled together in a flexible sheath. They are typically more durable than plastic fibers and are able to withstand higher temperatures. Most cables are available with a choice of PVC or flexible stainless steel sheathing.

Glass Fiber Optic Cables
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Our Plastic Fiber Optic Cables are constructed of a single acrylic monofilament and are most efficient when used with visible red status indicator light sources. Plastic fibers are generally more cost effective than glass fiber optic cables and are ideal for applications that require continuous flexing of the fiber. A wide range of fiber optic tips are available.

Plastic Fiber Optic Cables