IEC Starter Mounting Systems

Bulletin 141A Modular Control System (MCS) Mounting Systems provide several different mounting solutions for IEC loadfeeders. Factory-assembled Bulletin 103 Non-Reversing and Bulletin 107 Reversing starters are available for these mounting solutions. Our mounting systems include preconfigured circuit breaker modules for feeding and protecting a busbar system. For applications up to 100 A, we now offer the 141C CrossBoard System, a true plug and play system.

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Global Short Circuit Current Ratings Product Profile IEC Busbar Mounting System Selection Guide MCS Star Configuration Software Tutorial


  • Provides reduced wiring and assembly time for cost savings
  • Includes efficient design with decreased panel space
  • Includes high-fault short-circuit systems ratings
  • Offers three mounting methods - 141A
  • Uses MCS Star configuration software - 141A
  • Offers up to 100 A – CrossBoard
  • Provides high degree of safety with IEC 61439 and UL 508 standard ratings, including IP20 touch-safe protection - CrossBoard

See ProposalWorks or MCS Star for a full list of the system components.  Here is a sample list of the components that can be mounted on a Modular Control System:

  • Contactors: 100-K, C, and E
  • Motor Protection Circuit Breakers: 140G
  • Motor Circuit Protectors: 140M
  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers: 140MG
  • Electronic Overload Relays: 193E
  • Thermal Overload Relays: 193-K, T1
  • Safety Contactors and Control Relays: 100S, 700S
  • Control Relays: 700-CF, CFB, 700-K

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  • CE
  • cULus
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Resource Publication Number Language
Global Short Circuit Current Ratings Product Profile SCCR-PP002
IEC Busbar Mounting System Selection Guide 141A-SG003
MCS Star Configuration Software Tutorial 141A-IN003
Bulletin 141A Mounting System Temperature Rise Calculation Software Tutorial 141A-IN004
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