High-frequency Incremental Optical Encoders

Our Bulletin 844D High-frequency Incremental Optical Encoders mount directly to the monitored shaft by a split collar clamp on the encoder, eliminating the need for mounting plates and flexible couplings. You can install through-shaft models by inserting the monitored shaft completely through the encoder. Blind-shaft models only require insertion of the end of the shaft.

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Bulletin 844D Incremental Encoder Installation Instructions


  • High-frequency response
  • Blind-shaft and through-shaft front coupled models
  • Flexible coupler not required
  • Adaptor plate not required
  • 120…16,384 PPR
  • 3.5 in. diameter housing
  • Supports 1/2…1 1/8 in. shafts
  • Cable, connector, or terminal block connection options

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  • CE Marked
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Resource Publication Number Language
Bulletin 844D Incremental Encoder Installation Instructions 844D-IN001
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