Single-turn Absolute Encoders

Our Bulletin 845D Single Turn is a heavy-duty NEMA Type 4 single-turn absolute position encoder that digitizes shaft angle position into one of a number of absolute code formats. Our encoder has a unique digital output for each shaft position. It uses a single laser diode and a fiber optic assembly to produce a concentrated beam of light that passes through a code disk and is sensed as high level optical signals.

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845D Absolute Encoder Installation Instructions


  • Absolute gray code, natural binary or binary coded decimal (BCD) output
  • Optional latch command input for discrete I/O
  • Optional 5V, or 8-24V DC power requirements
  • 85 °C (185 °F) operating temperature
  • Electronic zero set pin
  • Field-selectable direction control

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  • CE Marked
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845D Absolute Encoder Installation Instructions 845D-IN002
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