In-Cabinet Block Distributed I/O

In-Cabinet (IP20) distributed I/O can be placed throughout your application and requires an enclosure. Our In-Cabinet Block I/O products provide a complete assembly of sensor and actuator interface points, and include a network adapter. Expansion blocks are available for some families. Choose from a wide range of analog, digital, and specialty I/O, as well as I/O for safety systems.

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Our Bulletin 1790D CompactBlock™ LDX I/O modules are a cost-effective distributed I/O solution for light industrial environments where high-protection specifications and advanced performance features are not required. Base blocks include I/O points and a built-in DeviceNet™ network adapter. Digital I/O expansion blocks provide the flexibility to add I/O points to your CompactBlock LDX I/O system.

CompactBlock LDX I/O
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Our Bulletin 1791DS and 1791ES CompactBlock™ Guard I/O™ modules provide the advantages of distributed I/O for safety systems. These modules work with safety controllers that communicate on DeviceNet™ or EtherNet/IP™ networks using CIP™ Safety. CompactBlock Guard Safety I/O is optimized to work with GuardLogix®, and SmartGuard™ controllers.

CompactBlock Guard Safety I/O Modules