Control Power Media

Our Bulletin 888/889 Control Power Media connection devices offer mini disconnect cables that provide a secure connection to the ArmorStart® Distributed Motor Controller. The control power media components are a 6-pin/5-used configuration to prevent mis-wiring with network connectors.


  • One piece molded design construction
  • Cabling options include cordsets and patchcords
  • Control power tees offer flexibility in system design
  • Receptacles provide termination points at the panel and at the ArmorStart® Distributed Motor Controller
  • Female receptacles can be used for a panel mount connection
  • Male receptacles can be used for a quick disconnect at the ArmorStart® Distributed Motor Controller with gland plate design
  • Connectors are straight or right-angled and are physically keyed to prevent wiring mishaps

Additional Information

Learn more about the ArmorConnect® media options through the following overview videos.

Auxiliary Power Media

Control Power Media

Three-phase Power Media

Industrial Ethernet Media

Motor and I/O Cabling System

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Resource Publication Number Language
ArmorStart Brochure 280-BR001
Connectivity & Network Media Brochure CONEC-BR001
ArmorConnect Power and Control Media Specifications 280PWR-TD001
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